Sunday, March 11, 2012

Graeter's Chocolate Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Review

Man I hate daylight savings time. I know I said it yesterday too, but now that it's in effect I am not amused... or fully conscious for that matter... if only I had a chocolate kick to get me going.

Ok, this should do it. Graeter's IRRESISTABLE Chocolate Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. After the way yesterday's review went, I need to try a sample of this to see how it tastes (so what if I already had a second scoop of the black raspberry this morning)

Wow, wait, that doesn't look that appetizing.

Ok, that's better. We've got the big Graeter's chunks again,
along with tiny bits everywhere to add flavor.

I didn't really show this as well yesterday, so here is a super closeup.
Notice an almost complete lack of air (the ripples/spaces),
reminds me of that airless chocolate hempmilk ice cream I briefly tried.

I was hoping the chocolate chips would work better than in the black raspberry chip, but honestly, I think I like them less. I can see people digging their size, or the fact that they are soft, but it just doesn't pop for me. The chocolate flavor of the base is nice enough, it has a fairly strong cocoa vibe, but when I bite into the pieces, it just kind of comes up with this watery sploosh rather than a chocolate pop (funny, because I was starting to dig them yesterday, but now I just feel kind of ho hum about it).

Alright, I've come to a conclusion. I can live without Graeter's. I'm guessing there will always be the debate of who is better: H-D or B&J. Well, take the air difference between H-D and B&J, and than subtract that from H-D to get Graeter's. I know everyone's palettes and tastes are different, but 2% air just ain't enough to me. Sounds dumb doesn't it?

  Dear Company,
     Please give me more free air and less of your product (all at the same price)

See, sounds ridiculous, but after a lifetime of a certain air percentage, the 2% just doesn't rock my world. The argument is that the lack of air lets the true cocoa flavor come out a bit more but to me ice cream is milk and cream. If I can't get a sufficient dose of my milk vibe, I guess I feel a bit disappointed. It's just not a complete experience for me. I hope that makes sense.

Now before all the Graeter's fans get angry, let me state that it's not a bad product. It's obviously a well crafted, quality pint, but that doesn't mean I have to love it. I've spent a lifetime eating a certain kind of ice cream and I just don't foresee myself changing this drastically anytime soon. When I want air and inclusions, I'll go B&J. When I want less air (and often less inclusions), I'll go H-D. I doubt this will ever be a permanent member of my freezer. There's just way too much fat and calories here and not enough poof.

Maybe someday my tastes will mature.....  no that doesn't work since my daughter really liked this one (I told her it was fancy schmancy ice cream from Ohio). Maybe I'll like this one more when I stop being so picky.

Verdict?  I expected too much
Buy Again?  not this flavor

Update: Just to clarify because I know I'm rambling about Graeter's. This is not a bad ice cream. It's got a straightforward flavor and a quality build, it's just different. I guess what I am trying to stress is that if you've never had something like Graeter's, it's not necessarily something you will love on first bite. I mean you may, or if you a cranky bugger like myself, it's going to take some getting use to. There's "EW, I'll never have another bite" and then there's "Ohh, that's different". My apologies to the Graeter's fans out there

Update #2: I have fallen in love with their vanilla ice cream and am now more appreciative of their style.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1/2 cup (114g)
Servings Per Container    4

Amount Per Serving
Calories 300from Fat 160
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 18g30%
- Sat Fat 10g50%
- Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 60mg20%
Sodium 65mg3%
Total Carbohydrate 31g10%
- Dietary Fiber  0g0%
- Sugars 30g
Protein 3g

Vitamin A 10%Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 10%Iron 0%


  1. was the chocolate base more semisweet like the chips, or a sweeter milk chocolate flavor? I think I would like that latter.

    I still think it's a bit early to write them off, I'm really curious about their blueberry pie, butter pecan, and a few other chip flavors

    1. not too milky but not too chippy either.

      I definitely dont want to write them off as a bad product, but i need to get to some of their non-chip based flavors.

  2. I love Black Raspberry Chip ice cream, but the Graeter's product really disappointed me as well. I'm not a fan of huge chocolate chunks and they are way too sweet. I haven't tried too many of their other flavors as they are more difficult to find where I live. Haven't seen where you're from, but I suggest trying some flavors from Handel's, based in Ohio and Pennsylvania. All homemade and fantastic-I love the grape!

  3. To each his own...
    Now having said that, YOU ALL ARE NUTS-O! Graeter's is outstanding. The fact that anyone could compare H-D to Graeter's is wrong. Ben and Jerry's definitely kicks Graeters's's('s?) behind, but all the same, Graeter's is amazing. Dubba, before you make up your mind about the signature chocolate chips, just do me the courtesy of looking up the history of how they are made. I mean- have you EVER had another chocolate chunk in frozen ice cream that was soft??

    (Okay, small disclaimer: I grew up in Cincinnati. I recognize that I am certainly biased. But anyone who has sampled the vast array of ice cream types that you have should at least be able to recognize the greatness of this stuff.)

    1. Hopefully my respect for this product comes across, though an instant love affair it was not. In my ongoing defense, I have picked up some plain vanilla (the only non-chip flavor I could find at the store), so we'll see how that goes. --- and yup, i have had soft chocolate chunks, but it is pretty rare.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Actually, my third flavor to try was just plain vanilla and it's the best vanilla I've ever had. When I get a chance, i will try the mint!

  5. Doesn't Ben and Jerry's have less air in their ice cream than Haagen-Dazss's? Haagen-Dazs's ice cream seems to melt more quickly than Ben and Jerry's which would mean that it has less air. What makes Graeter's so different and better than Ben and Jerry's? I've never purchased Graeter's ice cream because it costs around $5 where I live.

    1. B&J has more air, H-D has less and is very dense. (weight and air content are not directly related due to different ingredients, I've seen airy ice cream that was still fairly heavy)

      I didnt appreciate Graeters vs B&J til I had their most excellent vanilla -- if you are worried about cost, try to keep your eyes open for a sale.

  6. Is there a chance that you will review Graeter's Buckeye ice cream? I've gotta know how awesome it is! The only thing better than chocolate peanut butter cups in ice cream is buckeyes - balls of peanut butter dough dipped in chocolate!

  7. Actually if you look at the nutritional information portion of the label for HD, B&J, and Graeters, you will see that Graeter's has less air than HD. Check the number of grams (a unit of mass) per half cup (a unit of volume), which gives you the density. On average, Graeter's has the highest over HD, but not by much and of course mix-ins can screw this up when calculating the density of the ice cream base itself, but in general it holds true.

  8. i was talking about air overrun in relation to how it tastes and not so much exact percentages. I was trying to say how it felt, that's all, this was my very first run at Graeters, i have since fallen very much in love with their process.


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