Thursday, September 8, 2011

Living Harvest Tempt Chocolate Fudge
Hempmilk Non-dairy Frozen Desert Review

A WHOPPING 10 months ago I decided that I would surprise all of you with a review of hempmilk ice cream. It's one of those wacky things you always see but are afraid to try because you don't realize that hemp comes in about 30 gazillion varieties with each strain serving a different purpose (oh it's amazing what you can learn on a two hour plane ride where you can't choose who you sit next too).

So, with a funky checkered top and a half and half look, I present LIVING HARVEST tempt non-dairy frozen dessert made with hempmilk, the Chocolate Fudge kind. Yeah, way too many words there.

And here it is up close and personal. You could say "eww, ice crystals" but keep in mind this hasn't been opened in 8 or 9 months. It's actually funny considering that filtered water is the number one ingredient here (as part of the hemp milk). Goes to show you just how well the hemp and the water have bonded (and this is in my upstairs freezer, not the deep freezer). The good news here is that it smells like a respectable chocolate ice cream.

Hopefully with this close up you can see just how immensely dense this dessert is. This is no fluffly B&Js.... it's no smooth H-D... heck, it's even denser than gelato. This stuff is super dense and while it doesn't taste bad, it does absolutely nothing for me. I had it one night and then just couldn't go back.

Ohhh, I just thought of a good description. Imagine taking a glass of chocolate milk and shoving it in the freezer. Zero churned in air right? Now try eating that frozen chocolate milk next day... yuck! So this isn't so much a taste issue as a textural issue. Maybe there is a secret here to eating this stuff (a milk shake perhaps?), and maybe our non-dairy friends can chime in here, but I'm all set with this stuff. At least now that I've shared, I can finally rinse this pint down the drain.

Verdict?  Texture is just too weird for me
Buy Again?  NO


  1. Thanks for trying this for us! I've seen it in my local health food store and thought about buying it but wasn't too sure. Now I know I can skip it!

  2. It sounds exactly like Arctic Zero...ever had it? The first ingredient is also water. You just can't whip air into water.

  3. Hemp is disgusting. It's like eating grass. Dude, why?

  4. @Anon1: you're welcome

    @Anon 2: nope on Artice Zero (no rush for it either). That said, there are plenty of non-dairy products that have a better texture than this.

    @Adam: taking one for the team!

  5. I've had this ice cream before and actually quite like it. The trick is to let it thaw for at least 10 minutes, but more is better, since the texture improves and I think becomes more like regular ice cream that way.

  6. I've had this ice cream twice now. I actually like it alot. The best part about it for me, is that it doesn't contain any soy products either. Soy really isn't all that beneficial and it actually can cause several problems, including allergies. I will surely look for all of the flavors.


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