Monday, September 5, 2011

Shakin' it up at Sonic!

Oh, do I need to tell you about our worthwhile stop at Sonic last night. About a month ago, Sonic sent over a $20 gift card for us to go try the new Sundae Shakes (you may remember the giveaway we had). Well, we were headed back from our annual pilgrimage to visit my bud's family up at York beach and the day wouldn't have been complete without some ice cream.

Wow, it's 8 o'clock and Sonic is still very busy with only a few bays open. Quite the difference from our scant company during our December review. We start the perusing and the sundae shakes are no where to be found! Oh no! I know they said limited time but at least give me 'til Labor Day! I pushed the big red button for service. The button stopped flashing, I waited a few minutes, and then pushed it again. "Hi, welcome to sonic, may I take your order?" (or something to that effect).

"Do you still have Sundae Shakes?"

Yes we do! Success! Strawberry Dream on the left, Hot Fudge on the Right!

Ok, can I also get a Oreo Blast?

Not a problem!

Ok, one more thing (on a tip from our friends)

Can we get the NEW Pumpkin Pie Shake?

Oh yeah!! As Sonic says "An indulgent hand-mixed shake made with real ice cream, real pumpkin, nutmeg and cinnamon blended with pie crust pieces, finished with whipped topping and more pie crust pieces".

That's right, we cheated! There's only two adults here but three milkshakes between us. It's an old fashion taste testin' party! Oh I adore free gift cards because you can be crazy without the worry (I know, the total for all four treats was under $14, but I would still feel guilty about buying an extra shake without an extra person). NOTE: My son was out cold after having skipped his nap.

Ok, let's dig in! First up is the Strawberry Dream Sundae Shake. "Real ice cream hand-mixed with real strawberries and finished with whipped topping, more real strawberries, plus it's fruit in cahoots: a cherry"  I go to take my first sip but I am having trouble getting the shake up the straw. I break out the spoon and start diving into what is effectively a tasty strawberry sundae. Mmmm.

Next up is the Classic Hot Fudge Sundae Shake. "An American original, perfected by SONIC Real ice cream hand mixed with hot-fudge and finished with whipped topping rising from a sea of even more hot fudge. Don't forget the cherry on top. Now grab a straw y'all." Again I'm having trouble getting it up the straw so I steal the spoon back and start scooping from the top. Hmmm, tastes like a hot fudge sundae without enough hot fudge. I decide to use my spoon to mix the whole thing up to make it easier to drink. Yeah, it tastes exactly like you would expect. It's not bad, just not terribly magical. It's different, but if it was like a chocolate shake with hot fudge, then we could be rockin' a real chocolate rush.

Back to the Strawberry for a little mixin. Ohhhh, this one is tasty. It's still a bit too thick, but it is melting a bit. I don't think I've ever had a strawberry shake that tasted just  like strawberry sundae topping. The good news is, it's really good! It's sweet, it's tasty, and I just wish it was a bit thinner!

My daughter is in the back happily attempting to eat the Oreo blast that is way too big for her, though in her defense she did get about 80% of the way through it. No complaints from her!

Yes, I have saved the best for last and it's time to make our bud Adam from Grubgrade jealous. You see, the Pumpkin Pie shake is an actual, easy drinkin' regular shake and it tastes like liquid pumpkin pie. The pie crust pieces have totally blended into oblivion, so you've got this amazingly consistent, slightly gritty nature to the entire treat. It's cold, it's pumpkin, it's got nutmeg and cinnamon, and the texture is spot on. It's not even overly sweet!

Have you ever thought that there wasn't a quicker way to enjoy pumpkin pie? Are you bothered that you have to wait for the fork to cycle from the plate to your mouth and then back again? Well, have no fear, head to Sonic for some excellent shake mastery.

Verdicts (as double checked by the Mrs.)
1) Pumpkin Pie Shake : shake-y perfection
2) Strawberry Dream Sundae Shake : very sweet and tasty, but a bit too thick
3) Hot Fudge Sundae Shake : tastes just like hot fudge, and also too thick.

Buy Again?
2) Probably
3) Probably Not

Ok, that was fun! I can't remember the last time my wife and I shared a bunch of treats like that. Thanks again to Sonic for the free desserts. I'm curious to see if the sundae shakes come back next year because I'm not sure they add anything that special over their typical offerings, and they really are too thick to enjoy. I can picture trying to wash down some fries with a sundae shake and becoming very frustrated. Hmmm, I guess they could always serve it with a thicker straw!

If you've got time, check out my new affinity for Tot (the Sonic icon)


  1. Wow, that pumpkin pie shake looks and sounds great, though I think it would be better the pie crust pieces weren't blended into oblivion. If it were made like a blizzard, that would be heavenly, and it's definitely something that DQ should think about making in the autumn.

    And not to be a jerk, but do you think you could do a more thorough spelling and grammar check of your writing? I hate to say it, but your spelling and grammar errors are frequent enough that they kind of detract from your otherwise great blog. Again, no offense.

  2. Next time I get to Sonic I will have to get that Pumpkin! But really Dubba, should you ever find yourself in the northwest, you would be wise to try Arctic Cirlce. They really do amazing shakes. Granted, they are thicker, but I think you'd be impressed!

  3. @Anon: the DQ blizzard is respectable and I'm sure it will be back this year, but the fact it's a shake gives us one more way to enjoy pumpkin.

    And my apologies for the grammar, I mean that sincerely. I really do need to let my wife start double checking my work.

    @Adam: if I have to use a spoon, it's not a shake :)

  4. OMG Dubba that pumpkin shake was easily the best ice cream I've had all year! I'd never been to a Sonic before today and I got the kickin' Coney, tots, and the shake (if you've never tried any of those items RUN THERE!) and I don't think I've ever had a better experience...That shake qualifies for a 14th scoop!


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