Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ben & Jerry's is starting spring early

You see, I just ran into the store to see if I could find one thing...

Chocolate Therapy has arrived in Pints as promised!
Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Cookies & Swirls of Chocolate Pudding Ice Cream
I've had this at a scoop shop and it's really good.

Then I saw this sitting next to it: Chocolate Nougat Crunch!
Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Fudge Covered Wafer Cookies & a Chocolate Nougat Swirl
Sure, I would have grabbed it, but then I saw this....

OH MAN!!! Ben & Jerry's new product line that isn't supposed to launch until next week!
If you want to see the reveal, check out my post on 2/22

Oh man, why do the ice cream gods have to put me in this position? On one hand, I'm so excited that I want to buy all four flavors and post them immediately before anyone else does.... On the other hand, Ben & Jerry's has always been cool to the blog and I hate to mess with that relationship. I don't think they would do anything terrible, but I'm guessing they might stop putting me on the invite list for special events.

Gonna be good... gonna be good... gonna be good... must not talk about it

oh this is tough

Ok, one more for the road my friends.

Sorry for the blur, but two new flavors from Talenti -- WOOHOO!!
Bananan Chocolate Swirl (someone else can review that one)
and Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip (this one is all mine!)

Stay Tuned: I'll probably do a Hannaford's Greek Frozen Yogurt Review next.


  1. My store had all those new pints as well!

  2. I wasn't even aware that Chocolate Nougat Crunch had been announced (sounds awesome), although I did get wind of Chocolate Therapy. I must have missed that news blast somewhere...

    1. they had chocolate therapy up on their facebook and google+ pages, but nougat was a surprise (at least to me).

  3. I'll review that banana gelato for you;] but I have to find that black raspberry one as well.

    1. go for it! even though it's talenti, I probably still wouldn't like it... i think.

    2. foodette just put up a review for the banana one

  4. Girl. The flavors have been posted elsewhere, so you can make the quick ninja edit and throw the pictures up haha.

  5. Is that the Greek Yogurt B&J's? Meh. I saw them at a Waldbaums the other day and considered trying them. One was strawberry banana, I think. Pass!


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