Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Therapy
A scoop shop only flavor.

I had a tantalizing realization the other day. I, lover of super premium ice cream, can now hit a Ben & Jerry's scoop shop at lunch time. Now I don't want to have just any flavor, so I think it's time to a scoop shop only flavor, say something that first came out in 2005 : Chocolate Therapy.

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See, there was a time when this was available in grocery stores as part of the Mood Magic flavors. There was also " In a Crunch (peanut butter ice cream, fudge-covered peanuts, crispy fudge swirl), Last Straw (strawberry ice cream, fudge truffles, strawberry fudge chunks) and Apple-y Ever After (brown-sugar ice cream, ginger caramel swirls, apple chunks) " **click to read more of Ken Hoffman's article.

Chocolate Therapy was also availabe as a pint in the U.K. for awhile but I get the feeling it's not around anymore. However, you can still play a terrible CT online game over at

Ok, admit it, that Chocolate Therapy does not exactly take an appetizing shot but what do expect from a chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookies and a chocolate pudding swirl. "But Dubba, I dont see any cookies?" Well, you're right because I didn't bite any cookies. Sure, there are those dark patches that could be some kind of cookie swirl... or is that the pudding? No no, I don't see a literal pudding swirl either. Other reviews have just called it a chocolate pudding ice cream swirl. You know, for therapy, this is pretty confusing.

Let's start over: This stuff tastes good, I mean like real good. In fact, the kid in the family infront of me got the same thing, and when his dad asked how it was, he gave a smile and a thumbs up. It's good just like you'd expected it to be. It's chocolate chocolate chocolate and should cure whatever chocolate fix you need. That said, it's not what I expected. I wanted to see pudding swirls, there's no pudding. I wanted cookie chunks, but there's none of those either. This is good and you'll enjoy it, but be prepared for what it really is.

Now before I go, I need to make some points about my overall experience.

One: the store doesn't open until 12. Does no one realize that some people take lunch at 11:30?

Two: I really wanted to try a waffle cone, but they didn't have any ready. What they did have was the stale, day-old waffle bowl that you see above. I just should have went with a sugar cone.

Three: The price was a bit much, though techncally that was my fault. A small is two scoops and will set you back $4.25. It didn't look like much so I mistakenly went with a large, 3 scoops, for $5.25. Tack on a buck for the waffle bowl and were sitting at $6.25 for a single serving. Next time I'll keep it simple.

Four: Apparently they don't clean up the outside after they close the store. Granted it's dark and scary out there, but you think someone could have come in at 11:30AM and cleaned the joint up. There were cups and napkins all over the outdoor sitting area. It could have been worse, and I like that they had picnic tables, but I decided to sit in my car and listen to the radio. You know, it'd be nice if they cleaned the latest graffitti off the building as well.

ok, enough complaining, 'til tomorrow!

Verdict?  unexpected, but still good
Buy Again?  as a chocolately fix (or shake)


Benjamin said...

I tried this flavor at my local scoop shop and I was definitely able to detect the cookie swirl (much like the dark chocolate cookies in Milk & Cookies), but wasn't able to find much of a pudding swirl. Maybe it just depends on how the swirls are distributed in the containers?

Also, if you're interested in other scoop shop flavors you should really try the coconut seven layer bar. I know you're not crazy about coconut, but the chocolate and butterscotch really meld with the coconut base into a really good flavor.

Dubba Scoops said...

My sample was really soft, so the cookie bits where smushed into oblivion before I got there. I could see the dark spots, but I coudln'wt taste them at all. It's just funny it says cookies since that always means something else.

did you have to say the coconut word? hehehe

Rodzilla said...

I didn't realize that they made their waffle bowls/cones fresh.

Dubba Scoops said...

I was always under the impression that they are made fresh everyday. I'm guessing they are all natural and lack the preservatives to last very long.

Lot-O-Choc said...

Yeh chocolate therapy isnt here in the UK anymore, it hasnt been out for a long time, i never got the chance to try it either :( I love the sound of the Mood flavours they brought out, they all sound delicious!

Anonymous said...

My family and I just had the Chocolate Therapy in Florida about 3 weeks ago. I think it was in Universal Studios. I had never heard of it before and loved it!!!!! Can't find it anywhere in CT though. Do you know of anywhere in CT?

Anonymous said...

Had this a couple of months ago at San Antonio River walk. OMG....OMG, fabulous!
IF you are a chocolate lover, truly a lover, you will not be disappointed. It's incredibly thick and lush and I don't care what's in it so as long as it's CHOCOLATE!


IndianapolisEater said...

Check their Facebook page. Looks like they are putting this out in pints starting today. I'm going to have to start looking for it!

Dubba Scoops said...

thanks for the tip! Can't wait to find it!