Sunday, February 27, 2022

Noosa Frozen Yogurt Gelato

[New for 2022] Remember when froyo was all the rage? Yogurt companies like Dannon, Yoplait and Stonyfield all tried to jump on the bandwagon, and where did it get them? Nowhere.... but that was several years ago and there's a whole new breed of yogurt companies out there like Chobani, Siggi's and Noosa. Will Noosa learn from past mistakes? Let's find out.

Noosa Frozen Yogurt Gelato
honey vanilla bean and strawberries & cream

vanilla bean flakes and strawberry bits?!

I hope these look good, because they are!

I thought these were going to be a gimmick, but these are legit good. The texture is good and somewhat similar to an old fashion mainstream ice cream (though maybe just a very smidge icy). I also didn't detect much of a yogurt aftertaste.

I liked the flavorful strawberry from the first bite to the last. It's quite flavorful without being obnoxious or overly sweet. I was also surprised by the nice vanilla bean flavor of the honey vanilla pint. To be honest... I kind of wish there wasn't a honey swirl because this vanilla would be great on it's own.

Let me add to that last statement that I'm not a huge fan of honey in ice creams and froyos. It's been reviewed several times over the years (reviews here), and too often it takes me out of the moment. So far it's not too strong, so we'll see if it grows on me or if it's a one and done pint.

Does this count as the first big surprise of 2022? Maybe! I was a bit confused by them only offering 4 flavors to start, but now that I've had them, I hope this is just a tease and that we'll get more flavors before the year is done. You can tell I'm impressed right? Nice job Noosa!

On Second Scoop: Man, I really like this strawberry and am already thinking about picking it up again along with the other flavors when I head back to Hannaford this week.

Verdict?  surprisingly good!
Buy Again?  yup!


  1. Confession: I once bought a 24oz. carton of plain Noosa yogurt and ate it for dinner. Yes. The. Entire. Carton.

    I've also been known to polish off their vanilla bean yogurt faster than my wallet likes, so I avoid buying it except as a treat.

    Noosa froyo? I think it's time for my "as a treat" exception above to kick in, especially for the vanilla honey one since their vanilla bean yogurt is so obnoxiously good.

  2. I love this strawberry noosa! I can’t stop eating it and can’t wait to try others. The price is cheaper than Ben and J’s and it wasn’t even on sale.

  3. I love the cookies and cream and the lemon bar they are delicious! Next would be the strawberry.


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