Saturday, October 17, 2015

Dannon OIKOS Cookies & Cream Greek Frozen Yogurt

[2015-2016] Alright, our next review subject has been sitting in the freezer for... iunno, 4 months maybe? I bought it because I was having trouble getting in the mood for his minty cousin (which has been sitting in the freezer for like 7 months now). Well, I went downstairs to grab some Ben & Jerry's but instead I grabbed.....

Dannon OIKOS Cookies & Cream Greek Frozen Yogurt
chunks of cookie blended in to greek froyo

Looks decent enough.

Ok, it's not bad, but it lacks the clean gritty awesomeness of a quality cookies & cream flavor. The bits of cookie should sing out from every bite, but the more I eat, the more my tastebuds get coated in gums and oils and whatever else is in here.

Man, I should have went with the Ben & Jerry's. It's not that it's terrible, it's just that the cookie flavor was weak to start and getting weaker by the bite and you know how highly I regard C&C flavors. I'm a spoiled person and I need more than this can deliver.

Again, it's not bad, and I've had worse, but I need the cookie factor at least doubled before I could would be really happy with it. Ahh, at least there is no tang!

On Second Scoop: I meant to say this yesterday, but the reason I'm complaining about the cookie grit is because for me, this stuff tastes watered down and more cookies MIGHT distract me from that. If this stuff floats your boat because it fits your daily calorie intake, that's fine, but for me, it's too weak to consider picking up again.

Verdict?  watered down
Buy Again?  not in my house

Note: Allergen warning on label


Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks for this review. I was just going to ask if some one could review this!

Dubba Scoops said...

sorry for the delay, like i said, it's been staring at me for months

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that you had tried this already. I was going to ask if you could go out of your way to try this and then write a review. So, for me, this review was not late. Perfect timing.

In response to your review, I am disappointed by the looks of it, as there should be some bigger cookie pieces, but I know I shouldn't judge an ice cream by it photos but by its flavor.

Dubba Scoops said...

It's kind of weird because the strawberry was just kind of flat/tame, but here it distinctly tastes watered down. I still have a pint of the mint to try, but the mood to try it may never strike now...

JoshByGosh said...

Totally agreed on the fail here. Dubai, have you ever been to Seattle or Portland Oregon? If you ever come to the northwest, I have a few incredible ice cream and frozen yogurt places you need to try... I have lived all over the US, and the northwest has several of the best parlors I have ever tried.