Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Whole Foods Butter Cookies & Sweet Cream Gelato

[New for 2019] Hey, for the record, I am not ice cream hunting right now, it's just not worth the risk of bringing germs home. That said, we can still try to have fun, like this catchy looking pint of Whole Foods gelato. Yes, I still hate Whole Foods in general, but this was too tempting.

Whole Foods Butter Cookies & Sweet Cream Gelato
(sweet cream gelato, salted caramel butter sauce, butter cookies)

WOOT! Talk about a wow factor?

I didn't really need to let it temper, but tempering does help. My biggest thought was... actually, my biggest thought was that these cookie bits are kind of hard to eat. They aren't rock hard, they are a bit soft, but they are still solid and just not that much fun to munch on.

The second biggest thing is that it needs more flavor! I know it says sweet cream, but butter cookies come first, and I set my expectations way to high. Honestly, I was expecting a speculoos (cookie butter) vibe but that just didn't happen here. That's a shame because I feel like this one could have been (should have been!) more special...

How would I fix it, more caramel swirl at a minimum. The texture is a little too (gummy) and the caramel can't compensate. Maybe too fluffy / whip-creamy is a better term. It's not super light, but it's lighter than you would hope for.

It's not terrible, I just didnt love it. This could have been so much more. I think of fun stuff from Talenti or better yet Gelato Fiasco and this just underwhelms on every front. It's not awful, and it is all natural, but why are you trying to bore me and hurt my gums at the same time?

On Second Scoop: Still haven't had the drive to finish this one. I should probably have mentioned that it only cost $3.99 (to help explain the lack of calories and flavor).

Verdict?  boring
Buy Again?  not this one, but maybe one other flavor?


  1. I guess Amazon was the supplier for the old Talenti containers. I can't quite read the label: is this made by Talenti, like how Blue Bunny (I think) makes the Twix ice cream bars but doesn't prominently label it as Blue Bunny?

    Were there cookie bits mixed in the ice cream as well, or only that layer on the top?

  2. I think you're getting your companies confused. Mars makes all of those candy bar treats. Wells Dairy (who makes Blue Bunny) has other properties.

    You can have the same container go to two different companies, and just like you can have two containers come from the same company. There is more overlap than you think but there are several companies out there in the world.

    The best tip is to check plant numbers, but since this is a "Product of Italy" and Talenti is made in Georgia, it's safe to safe this is not from the Talenti factory.

  3. You knew it has to be bad at 600 calories for 16 ounces. That is low quality ice cream/ gelato there and somewhat unusual for Whole Foods. Usually Whole Foods private label items are of higher quality and of equal quality atleast to the premium brand in that space.

  4. Doh, forgot to add the price in this post. It's only $4 if that help explains it's lackluster qualities.


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