Saturday, March 14, 2020

Cool Jacks Super Jack Ice Cream Sandwiches

While trying to do a little relaxing ice cream hunting in Wegman's during the great food hoarding of 3/12/2020, I spied something kind of funky.... no, something cool! There was something simple yet eye catching about the tall, slender packaging. I had to know more about this unfamiliar brand! I have five eye catching choices, but I think the day demands something super....

Cool Jacks Super Jack Ice Cream Sandwiches
M&M Cookie with Superman Ice Cream

Background: Cool Jacks is a Michigan based company that started as just a cart in 2011. They started making their own ice cream to go in to their fresh baked cookies and have been growing ever since. I love the catchy packaging and naming of the treats. Other flavors are...

Jumping Jack is peanut butter cookie with chocolate ice cream
Cozy Jack is oatmeal cookie with cinnamon ice cream
Jack Attack is snickerdoodle cookie with salted caramel ice cream
Jack Frost is double chocolate chip cookie with mint chip ice cream
Classic Jack is chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream

Ha, they have an old school silver wrapping on them.

Ok, this angle looks pretty good. The first photo I took unfortunately emphasized how not spread out the ice cream is. I mean it's kind of cool that it's kind of a big poof of a sandwich, but at the same time you might do a quick double take... though part of that double take is because it looks like it's filled with a ball of play-doh.

Look, I wanted to try superman ice cream for awhile now because I had heard of it but it's not something you find in Massachusetts. In fact, according to the Cool Jacks product finder, this product isn't even "officially" in Massachusetts (but hey, that's why I go to Wegman's, to find different stuff!).

So how was superman ice cream besides slightly frightening to look at? Not bad. The tasty cookies are really the main star here, but I did feel like the ice cream was trying to deliver a bit of a superman sugar rush on top of that. In retrospect, I probably should have tried one of the other flavors first, but that catchy yellow packaging just demanded my attention...

But seriously, even though it was $8, I have no regrets. This was still a good ice cream sandwich. It didn't have that crazy heft of a high end ($4) ice cream sandwich, but I always feel a little guilty eating those giant things anyway. This is a quality product in a reasonable size (and if you are still hungry, just have a second). I picked on the sandwich along the way but I do like what Cool Jacks is doing here. I look forward to trying more of their sandwiches.

On Second Scoop: While I still give a big thumbs up to the cookies, this particular mix of cookie and ice cream is too sweet even for me. I think I may ditch the ice cream from the last two sandwiches to avoid the sugar rush. Also (for the record), I'm not having trouble eating this because it looks like orange play-doh (that's an old Nosh Show joke right there). 

Verdict?  digging the cookies for sure!
Buy Again?  not this one, but I gotta try the other flavors!

manufactured in a facility that
processes products containing peanuts


Karubah said...

For me: Yuk! They look so artificial and tooth rotting sweet.

Kids: Yay! Cookies and ice cream.

Eric said...

I've never been the biggest ice cream sandwich person, though these intrigue me (not necessarily the superman but the other flavors for sure). Can't wait to see some other reviews so I can decide to start hunting them down!

Lisa said...

I love Superman ice cream I was born and raised in Michigan but not so good too much going on with this one will try another flavor