Sunday, February 16, 2014

Edy's Coffee & Cookies Delight
Slow Churned Light Ice Cream

[by Nick, New for 2014, Returned for 2015 & 2016] Since Dubba doesn’t do coffee flavors and he’s pretty much reviewed all the other Edy’s Limited Edition Bakery Treat flavors, I guess I should get around to trying their Coffee & Cookies Delight flavor.

I just wasn’t all that excited about this flavor. In fact, I was actually irritated by the flavor’s description. Edy’s describes it as “coffee light ice cream with chocolaty covered cookie pieces”.  To the average person, this might be an acceptable description but people like me get irrationally frustrated and in their mind they’re screaming “WHAT KIND OF COOKIES?!?!?”

 The cookies on the carton are your standard chocolate chip variety but the cookies in the scoop look nothing like that. They look as if they’re cream filled to me since they’re so white. This really shouldn’t bother me but there’s nothing that bugs me more than when companies aren't specific with their descriptions. I’d rather them not even put a description and let my mind draw its own conclusion instead.

Here’s the twist though. This bothered me so much; I felt the need to contact Edy’s to find out just what kind of cookie they are using. Well they’re neither chocolate chip cookies nor cream filled cookies, they’re biscotti! While the news made this flavor 10 times more appealing, I can't help but wonder why couldn’t they have saved all the trouble and named it Coffee & Biscotti? That sounds way better than Coffee & Cookies and saves their customer service reps from having to deal with my random questions. Okay, with that all settled, let’s get right into the ice cream.

I was only able to find the Slow Churned version of this flavor but the difference between the two lines doesn't usually bother me. There’s nothing out of the ordinary with the appearance. I always enjoy being able to see some mix-ins in the top layer.

This is Edy’s Slow Churned line so you’re not going to get the densest of ice cream. That said, the light, almost fluffy texture is a nice vessel for the coffee flavor. While not as robust as I’d like, it’s not overly milky either. You’re able to appreciate the coffee’s bitterness without it being completely drowned out. It’s the ideal base for mix-ins and those are the main draw of this flavor.

As you can see, the chocolate covered biscotti pieces vary widely in size.  Their appearance actually reminds me a lot of Nestle Buncha Crunch. It has been awhile since I’ve had those but from what I remember the flavor is quite similar as well. The coating has a very sweet milk chocolate taste that meshes well with the coffee’s bitter qualities. Sadly, the cookie's flavor is completely covered up by the chocolate. Not all is lost though! Biscotti are known for their crunchy texture and these guys have that and more. On a scale of one to crunch, these would be an eight. What’s more remarkable is that everyone I encountered embodied that audible crunch. I’d imagine this will vary depending on the freshness of the carton but it’s still a miraculous feat. They truly are the star of this flavor and thankfully my servings have been loaded with them.

Going into this, I thought I was going to get bored with just the one type of mix-in but that wasn’t the case. That crunch factor from the biscotti really makes you want to go back for more. I would have liked to have an added fudge swirl, but it’s still a solid flavor as is. I feel like the description will make people less likely to pick this one up. Since I went through all that trouble, don’t be hesitant to grab this one next time you see it.

Verdict?  Biscotti needs to be used more in ice cream
Buy Again?  If I can find the Grand version, I’ll definitely pick it up

Note: Junk Food Guy reviewed the grand version here


Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for reviewing this! I have been eagerly waiting to see it here before buying. I am weird like that.

In looking at this carton in the grocery store, I would never have known that the cookies were biscotti. I assumed they were like broken up oreo type sandwich cookies. Also, surprised that they were crunchy.

I have only seen this flavor in the light version; wasn't aware it even came in Grand variety.

Good review! I will be picking this up tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I love this flavor! I was a skeptic at first but it's DANG good...

Nick Rovo said...

Anon #1, no problem!
I was thinking oreos at first from the look but they already have the mud pie flavor which confused me as to why they'd just make that flavor without the fudge swirl. The crunchiness is definitely what makes this flavor though.
I have seen the grands version when they were first released but not since.
Be sure to let us know what you think!

Anon #2, those biscotti pieces are amazing. This container may have disappeared from my freezer in under 48 hours of my first sampling...

Bobby said...

Took me a while to find this. I was actually looking for the slow-churned version you reviewed, but I only managed to find the Grand version, which I though was decent, but based on your review, feel like I may have been fine with the slow-churned version.

Also, is it sad that I wait for reviews here before buying my ice cream?

Nick Rovo said...

Bobby, it's not sad at all. Heck, it's why we're here. You're definitely not alone either
I'm not sure if it's just me but the grand version of Edy's isn't all that different from their slow churned Sure it's slightly denser but not enough to make that much of an impact to me at least.

Anonymous said...

I think this coffee flavor is the most true rendition I have ever tasted in a dessert. I drink coffee everyday and usually dislike any coffee flavored ice cream.This tastes like a nice balanced cup of creamy, cold, coffee. The cookies didn't do anything for me.

jb3media said...

I like this one too! I pick up most of my ice creams at $2.99 or less at the local Grocery Outlet. This one was there for $1.99 so I picked up two. Needless to say I inhaled the first and savored the second over 3 days' time.
My only quibble is over the amount of cookies added. If Mr. Walken were to try it I think he might say "needs a little more... biscotti."