Monday, February 17, 2014

Coldstone Creamery For Truffle Lovers Only Cupcakes and The Nosh Show Episode 23

Woohoo! Nosh Show Monday is here and it features a brand new segment called "Happy Happy Mystery Package Fun Time". Do you really need to know any more than that?

As always, more listening options are available on the Nosh Show website

And what's a Monday without something new and delicious to devour?

Cold Stone Creamery "For Truffle Lovers Only" Cupcakes
Belgian Chocolate Shell filled with Red Velvet Cake, 
Fudge Truffle Ice Cream and topped with rich Ganache

To be honest, these new cold stone creamery treats don't need a ton of explaining because you know they're going to be excellent right? I mean, do you know how hard it is to try and photograph this treat without inhaling it? It's not easy, not easy at all.

Ok, it's late, cloudy, and I can't take a decent photo, so let's get technical instead. First, the frosting is super fudgy and oh so rich... and it's all over my fingers from trying to cut it in half (my daughter is wearing her cupcake as well; this can be one messy treat!). The shell is thin, crunchy, but flavored very mildly. The red velvet cupcake part is wonderful but small, the bites with it are excellent and it's quality flavor stands out well.

The new Fudge Truffle ice cream is very hard to read over the dominating frosting. Oh I can see it's gorgeous (looks like mousse), and the texture seems excellent, but I just can't really taste it over the frosting. This is not a compliant, I adore the chocolate buzz from the frosting, I'd just like to try the ice cream by itself at some point.

Verdict?  Excellent ofcourse! Great chocolate fix.
Buy Again?  A six pack is a little pricey at $12.99, but yes


Anonymous said...

Those look so yummy! I definitely have to get some of these.

By the way, did those little chocolate/white chocolate swirls on top of the cupcake taste any good?

Dubba Scoops said...

they are ok. they are neat to look at, but didn't seem to have much flavor