Sunday, June 2, 2019

Friendly's Summer Breeze Ice Cream

[New for 2019] I think it's safe to say that my relationship with Friendly's has soured on several fronts over the last few years. Their "regular" ice cream has gone way done in quality, the naturally line up was a fail, the big sundae lineup was amusing in some regards but is also dying. Their limited edition container game (1.5 quart offerings) has also tossed us several meh flavors.... until now. Finally we have a fun, flavorful item I can actually recommend.

Friendly's Summer Breeze Ice Cream
sunny lemon ice cream, lemonade flavored sea shells
with sandy graham cracker swirls

Yeah, that's not really a flattering shot, but no matter....

Because now I have your attention, don't I? Hehehehe. You should all know that the main reason I picked this up is because of the graham cracker swirl and I think it's come through pretty well (as long as it holds up, I should be plenty happy with this flavor).

It didn't take too long to go from "geez, I hope this one isn't too terrible" to "Wow, I really like this one". Not sure why, but I kind of spaced and didn't expect the lemon meringue pie vibe going on. No, it doesn't have a whipped cream component (which you could obviously add yourself), but if you've ever had a nice key lime pie ice cream, this is very similar. There's just something bright and wonderful about those flavors and that flavorful magic is here as well.

So yeah, great first impression. Flavorful lemon base, tons of graham flavor from the swirl, and then the lemonade flavored sea shells add a real nice crunchy component. They are unexpected but welcomed. All the components are working together to make a nice ice cream. (If the base is suffering from any of Friendly's lower quality defects, they are hidden by the other two components of the ice cream). I say give this one a try (if you like citrus flavors anyway!)

On Second Scoop: The second scoop was just as tasty. I should probably learn to eat this one a little slower so as to appreciate it's finer points, but I'm just such a sucker for a graham cracker swirl. It's both sweet and tart and I like the change up from what I have been scooping recently.

Verdict?  comes together great
Buy Again?  yup


Eric said...

I have this one sitting in my freezer, more because my son really wanted to try it, but have been hesitant to give it a try. Now I'm even more intrigued and can't wait to give it a look.

Danielle said...

I bought this a few weeks ago and loved it! It's a little tart, a little sweet. I'm def gonna buy it again!

Anne Sutton said...

I really enjoyed this flavor as well. I like lemon and lime flavors overall. We have a local snoball place, and the lemon snoball stuffed with ice cream is a favorite of mine. This flavor reminded me of that. The graham swirl is a definite bonus. I also noticed they have a kid's flavor with a mixture of berries and chocolate in it. It's purple in coloration. Have you tried that one? I can't recall the name, but I think there was a hippo on the front.

EndlessUniverse said...

Baskin Robbins has two new flavors of the month based on the Stranger Things tv show if you're interested.

Dubba Scoops said...

@Eric: check back after you try it :)

@D: Understandable!

@Anne: Purple Potamus

@Endless: yeah, it's all over social media, I'll grab it if I can.

Eric said...

I've had two helpings of this one now and I'm honestly torn as to how I feel. It's a good, solid flavor but something just hasn't sat quite right with me for some reason that it hasn't completely blown me away. I have no problem eating it and will have no problem with the half gallon, but I dunno... Maybe I haven't gotten enough of the swirl to counteract some of the lemon, but something just seems "off"

Sheila said...

I was excited about getting this for my sister, who loves lemon. Am now on my second container! And I’m a firm “gotta be chocolate” gal!

Tom K said...

This flavor is awesome - one of the best new flavors in a very long time for any brand. I admit I am a biased lemon lover :)

Unknown said...

Best ice cream flavor Friendly's has ever come up with hands down!!!!!

Unknown said...

Ice cream usually isn't part of my daily diet, however that has changed this week. Bought my 1st carton of Friendly's Summer Breeze on Monday , just finished my 4th carton this week for breakfast. I think I may need detox for ice cream. Sooo good!!