Sunday, April 16, 2017

Good Humor Frozen Dessert Oreo Cones

[New for 2017] Time for the latest and greatest from Good Humor. We've seen this idea attacked several times over the years, but let's see what the 2017 version has in store for us.

Good Humor Frozen Dessert Oreo Cones
"crispy chocolatey cone, luscious vanilla, and crumbled OREO cookie pieces."

Whoa, check out the funky wrapping and see through top! That's just not something you see around here... and sure enough, checking the box reveals that this was actually built in Mexico. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with that, it's just something we very rarely see around here. It's also funny because I never see any Canadian products in the U.S. and they are just a few hours away from Massachusetts. (Even the box is made of a sturdier material, maybe to survive the journey? I have no idea).

It looks tasty enough, but I take a bite, and oh how this is awful. Like I half considered spitting it out awful. The cookies & cream frozen dessert is absolutely awful. It's light and weird and has that odd tingly, soapy feeling to it. Man this is disgusting.

I press on for the sake of the blog until I get to the crunchy chocolate cone. I would have chucked this whole thing had the cone be terrible too, but it's not thankfully. There's also the chocolate lump at the bottom like a drumstick so at least the aftertaste of this cone isn't as bad as the start of it.

This is truly a terrible product and I plan on chopping off the top inch of "frozen dessert" and just eating the cones on these. I am offended that they put something this bad out. Good Humor can be so disappointing nowadays...

On Second Scoop: They're not worthy of a second scoop....

Verdict?  avoid
Buy Again?  no way!


Aleksandr Rozentsvit said...

Maybe the plastic top is for to preserve the cookie crumbs from spilling all over? They could had went with whole oreos vibe. Why haven't Grater's done a cone version of their ice creams?! Loaded with chunks

Dubba Scoops said...

HA! I wasn't questioning WHY it had a special covering, only that it varies from tradtional packaging. Plenty of products protect a crumb or cookie or nut toppings without such a futuristic assembly. I'm not complaining about it, just pointing out that it's different and new. We might see other companies use something similar in time.

don't forget that Graeters is still put in to a pint by hand
so not sure how that would work with cones :)
(sorry, couldnt resist!)

Nate Wagner said...

Funny you should mention Canadian products in this post - up here in Canada, a lot of the 'special edition' Nestle drumsticks come with the clear plastic see-through lid.

Dubba Scoops said...

Thanks Nate, I was curious about that!