Monday, April 17, 2017

Burger King Froot Loops Shake
  and the Nosh Show Episode 102

[New for April 2017] Hello Nosh Show Listeners! Episode 102 is here, and while our good bud Eric wasn't there in person, he was still there in spirit as his name pops up several times during the show. You know what else also pops up in the Nosh or Not Segment? That's right, BK's new Fruit Loop Shake! Wait, I'm supposed to call it the Burger King Froot Loop Shake.

So it's the day after Easter and I took the day off to chill a little during school vacation week (some states have it last week, but Mass does it this week). Anyway, my son and I were running around when our belly's started rumbling. BK was close, and then I remembered that today is the first official day of the froot loop shake.

Next to the BK soft serve machine, there is the Oreo crumb dispense and now there is now also a Froot Loop crumb dispenser. Some of those plus some softserve (and some kind of "sweet sauce" that I missed them put in) and then into the blender it went. As you can see in the pic above (and on their marketing material), they didn't add any food dye to make it seem more fruity. I appreciate this.

Now, to put this review simply, yes, I regret my purchase. It's not a terrible shake but I can still taste it three hours later. Sorry, I hate being gross like that, but it's true. If you really want to get this shake, I suggest getting a small and sharing it with someone. One positive is that the cereal pieces are small enough that they won't block the straw at any point.

The thing is, it really does taste like froot loops. Like alot. A lot, a lot. There are going to be people who think this is the best thing since sliced bread and that's ok. But me personally, I didn't even finish it. I forced myself to about 85% done and said why bother. See, as a joke, I made myself a Trix milkshake on Saturday and I dialed it in surprisingly well considering that the base was about 75% Twinkie ice cream.

Granted I'm not the biggest fan on BK shakes, but this didn't click at all. To be honest, I wanted to be done after one sip. I could smell it before it even hit my tastebuds and that made me afraid. I know somebody is going to call me out for being a lightweight here but it is what it is. Hopefully a couple of you will check it out and report back. GrubGrade enjoyed it more than me though he admits it's very sweet. JunkBanter also enjoyed it. Oh man, that's two against one!

Verdict?  too much
Buy Again?  nope


Anonymous said...

What other cereals might be amenable to shake form?

Cookie Crisp, Fruity and cocoa Pebbles, Reeses Puffs?

John said...

According to the nutrition information I saw, the Froot Loops shake has more than 100 grams of sugar. Even for someone in your line of work, I imagine that's a bit much to take.

Dubba Scoops said...

@Anon: iunno, but I'm tempted to experiment more now - because of my own success, not theirs :)

@John: BAHAHAHA! GENIUS! Excellent way to put it! Froot Loops shake has over 20% more calories and sugar than their regular vanilla shake and I tasted every percentage point.

Anonymous said...

@Anon Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

Josh C said...

Looks horrible.

Anne Sutton said...

The cereal that comes to my mind as being good for a shake is Krave. It tastes fine, but it's super hard on my mouth. I was thinking the shake form might take the edge of the crunch while still holding onto the chocolatey taste.