Monday, August 22, 2016

Hostess Deep Fried Chocolate Twinkies
and the Nosh Show Episode 84

[New for 2016] Hello Nosh Show listeners! Episode 84 is alive and well and patiently waiting to start your week off right. I do love having something fun and frozen from our Nosh or Not list to show you and I think this fits the bill. Now I was tempted to blow ten bucks to get these and the original golden flavor, but I've been blogging on a budget and I'm sticking to it. That means picking the flavor that I was more excited about.

Unwrapped and ready for the toaster oven.

So I have two major thoughts after trying these. One, they aren't that bad! Yes they are reminiscent of the horrible freezer aisle Oreo churros, but now there is a twinkie inside the awful churro, and together they aren't that bad at all. Two, they aren't that chocolately. While waiting for these to cook, you can't help but visualize this great chocolate blast coming from inside the twinkie but it never happens. As a lover of frozen treats, a cool rich center would balance much better with the somewhat crunchy exterior.... so let's add ice cream!

First I try it with some chocolate ice cream. Ok. Now the vanilla. Ok. The chocolate brings out the coating, the vanilla brings out the twinkie. Neither is a bad combo but it didnt magically spring to life with the chilly addition. I will try it as a full blown sundae at some point with whipped cream and fudge, but I'm full for now.

Wait, what if I re-chilled one and filled it with ice cream? or some kind of nice fudge filling? or chocolate cream? Alright, I'm over thinking these but they aren't bad. My daughter tried some as well and came to the same conclusion. Who knows how long these will live on store shelves so if you are tempted to try a box, I say go for it. You'll get seven chances per box to mix and match them with whatever you want.

Verdict?  I was amused
Buy Again?  I might try the other variety Junk Food Guy really enjoyed the original version and it makes me suspect that it's the better of the two flavors. Back to the store I go!

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  1. At first these seemed like a terrible idea but between The Nosh Show and now you're review I may have to give them a shot ;) How did you cook them? Did you use a toaster as well?


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