Monday, January 11, 2016

Oreo Churros & The Nosh Show - Episode 70

Hello Nosh Show Listeners! I have returned for Episode 70.... but so has CT! That's right, Ryan wasn't able to make it so CT from the Nerd Lunch Podcast becomes our first guest to make back to back appearances on our show. It was good to be back and through the magic of Marvo's editing you won't be able to tell that I talked through over half the episode. During followup, I shared with the guys that I found the new freezer aisle version of Oreo Churros.

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Look closely at this picture. How many Oreo churros are there? And now how many does it say you get on the box? I know it's small, but  the box says "Approx. 20 bites". Usually when a product says there are 5 pieces per serving, and there are approximately 4 servings in a box, they usually round down so you kind of expect 21 in the box. NOPE. 18. 18 measly little churros for my five dollars.

Are you impressed? They look dense not flaky right? Eric was asking about the filling's consistency during the show and as you can see, it's oozing a little, but it's more rubbery than runny. I will say right now that you do not want to eat them like this. They are surprisingly boring and flat in the this state. Like "why did I buy these?" type first impression.

I mean, doesn't this look appetizing?

What you need to do is roll them in this magical, "optional" sugary coating of what amounts to sugar and Oreo crumbs. This makes a huge difference and provides a needed boost of sweetness to the churro. They still aren't great at this point, but at least they are edible now.

As a side note, adding ice cream didn't help. These things are just way too dense and flavorless. Yes, my family thought the house smelled like Cold Stone while they were cooking, but after trying a few, we were good. If they had a stronger flavor, and a better texture, and a sweeter and more abundant filling, then maybe they would be good. As is, I strongly recommend avoiding these. Don't let the hype get you.

On Second Scoop: I made the mistake of trying to eat one of these the morning after. That was a very chewy mistake but it did remind me of why I didn't like these last night.

Verdict?  I want my five bucks back
Buy Again?  nope!


  1. WOW! That is a disappointment even with the hype of the churros.

  2. Get a load of that long ingredients list hahaha xD

  3. Well now I'm happy I haven't found them anywhere.

  4. @Alek: yes, yes it is.

    @Anon: that is why i don't manual type out ingredient lists :)

    @Fran: glad to help!

  5. Let me just say,
    "I'm so happy I've found this blog!"
    Not only is it regularly updated, the descriptions are a fun read! I was looking for an ice cream blog, really any blog that was well-written, vast, and entertaining.
    I'm pregnant right now and too tired to move so thanks for keeping me in smiles!


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