Monday, June 13, 2016

Baskin-Robbins Made with Milky Way Bars Ice Cream

[New for June 2016] I just got back from Baskin-Robbins and I have to admit that I tempted to go back. That's how well the June flavor of the month hit me. Let's take a look at....

Baskin-Robbins Made with Milky Way Bars Ice Cream
MILKY WAY bar flavored ice cream with MILKY WAY bar
and milk chocolate pieces swirled with a caramel ribbon

Yes, I only got a small, but that was probably for the best. This is not for the faint of heart (aka those who don't like really sweet flavors). This is a Milky Way ice cream bar turned up to 11... or 12 actually. It's bold but it's so much fun.

The ooey gooey swirl probably stood out the most. Nice and sweet and plentiful. I know salted caramel is the hip thing to do but sometimes I just want a sweet swirl in my ice cream.

The base is fairly dense and creamy and definitely rocks a familiar milky way flavor. The aftertaste is definitely that of a Milky Way.

The funnest surprise was the crunchy Milky Way bar bits. Yes, crunchy. First it probably sounds odd, and then maybe a little scary, but they were small and just added this needed little texture pop here and there, kind of like eating caramel popcorn. There's just a bit of sticky factor to them but overall just a solid crisp pop.

It's nice to actually get the candy flavor as described. It's not a half-hearted homage. It's not some "malt + chocolate + caramel = milky way" watered down formula. It's not just in the ballpark. It's taking the idea and running full speed with it. The only complaint I can envision is people saying it's too sweet. I'm a little crazy so I can handle it, but really that's my only warning here. Definitely give this one a shot if you can.

Verdict?  Nailed It
Buy Again?  Yes!


  1. I've always been surprised that you don't see Milky Ways used as mix ins with ice cream products (like Blizzards, McFlurries, etc.) more often. It would seem to be a natural fit (chocolate, caramel, malt).

  2. I'm all for it but this is the part where junk food guy would say something like "because no one eats them anymore!" :)

  3. I definitely have to try this. I'm one of the few people who prefers Milky Way to Snickers (although I prefer the Midnight Milky Way to the regular).

  4. Mmmmmmmmmm, midnight milky way ice cream bar.....


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