Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Night Fight
Milky Way VS Milky Way Ice Cream Bar

[New for 2012] Wow, talk about a bizarre coincidence. All week long I've been planning a special Friday night fight. Then, out of the blue yesterday I get an email asking me if I want to come to the Milky Way Ice Cream Bar unveiling.... out in California! Ahhhh, it's a little too far to drive overnight, but with any luck, the tour bus will make it's way to the East Coast before the summer is through (see the press release at the bottom of this post). It's been a year since the last fight, so let's get this party started!

In the brown trunks, we have the original and still beloved Milky Way Bar. Clocking in at 58.1 grams and 270 calories chock full of rich chocolate, creamy caramel, and smooth nougat. This fellow will turn 90 years old next year, yet has outlasted many of his rivals.

In the white trunks, we have the brand new Milky Way Ice Cream Bar. Clocking in at 51 grams and 180 calories of  the richest, creamiest chocolate ice cream, smothered in a luscious layer of caramel,  and then dipped in a delectable chocolate coating to create "the ultimate chocolate caramel treat" -- wow, this young punk sure is full of himself.

Round 1 : Packaging & Initial Impressions

Glad to see Mars has taken the time to label the ice cream packaging, you all know how much that drives me crazy. It's also good to see that familiar green to really drive home the Milky Way theme.

HA! They are almost the same size, how funny is that?
This round is a draw for me!

Round 2: Closer Inspection

The infamous Milky Way stretch test, not that the ice cream bar wasn't at a disadvantage. That said, it still did fairly well and was easier to break open than the ooey gooey nougatey original.

The simplicity of a Milky Way does allow for the ice cream bar to do it's best to copy it's winning formula, but there are some difference we need to talk about in round 3.

I'll call this round a draw since they both continue to do well.

Round 3: Taste

Let me start by saying that I've had the new milky way ice cream bar twice now and enjoyed it both times. If you love the build of an ice cream Snickers bar, but aren't a huge peanut fan, then this will be a win for you. It's got a similar dainty shell to the Snickers, but now you've got a nice strong caramel vibe, and well, it's ice cream! There's no cheap gumminess or nasty artificial flavors ruining this. It's just a nice homage to the original.

Does it taste exactly like the original? Of course not. The original has a thick soft chocolate shell and a marshmallowy nougat core. This gives a big, three part flavor that we are all familiar with. The ice cream bar is a little less complex and the caramel takes the flavor spot light. The original is more distinct, but me being me, I'm digging the cold vibe of the ice cream version.

And it's over!

My belly is full but it looks like the judges can't come to a decision. Both treats make me happy. The original is more portable, but the ice cream bar is good (especially if you don't let it melt while taking pictures). You win either way on this one, and that's a good thing.

Verdict?  Nice job Mars.
Buy Again?  Yup!

Final note: It dawned on me after the fight that I could have frozen the Milky Way before this competition, so I threw a chunk in the freezer. An hour later, I remembered why freezing Milky Ways isn't really a good idea.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 bar (51g)
Servings Per Container    6

Amount Per Serving
Calories  180
from Fat  80

% Daily Value*
Total Fat  9g
- Sat Fat  7g
- Trans Fat  0g

Cholesterol  15mg
Sodium  65mg
Total Carbohydrate  23g
- Dietary Fiber   0g
- Sugars  19g

Protein  2g

Vitamin A   2%
Vitamin C   *
Calcium   4%
Iron   *

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Actor Visits California Science Center with 
MILKY WAY® Chocolate Ice Cream Bars

To celebrate the launch of the new MILKY WAY® Chocolate Ice Cream Bar, “The Big Bang Theory” actor Kunal Nayyar is partnering with the MILKY WAY® brand to kick-off the summer tour of the special-edition MILKY WAY® Chocolate Ice Cream truck! 

Throughout the month of June, the brand is hitting the road with a fully decked-out MILKY WAY® Chocolate Ice Cream Truck. Nayyar will help the ice cream truck kick off its tour with a “bang” on Friday, June 8 at the California Science Center in Los Angeles.

Consumers who visit the ice cream truck will be treated to a free sample of the new creamy MILKY WAY® Chocolate Ice Cream bar – a cool treat on any summer day – as well as other fun and “out-of-this-world” activities.

Additional stops on the tour will include other “out-of-this-world” locations such as the Houston Space Center on June 18 and the Chicago Adler Planetarium on June 22.  For a full list of stops including dates and times, visit


  1. Would you say the ice cream bar is a "satisfying" dessert? Is the size of it pretty decent? It's relatively low in calories for an ice cream treat,so I thought it might be a little lacking. I hate not feeling like I've satisfied my sweet tooth, and leaves me wanting more!

    1. It's not a huge treat, but if you take your time, I think you'll be fine.

  2. I finally decided to try this and it was {awesome}. The chocolate ice cream is one of the best chocolate ice creams I have ever tasted. I wish they would sell just the chocolate ice cream in a container as I'd definitely buy it. This and the Twix ice cream bars are amazing and every one must try them.


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