Friday, January 24, 2014

Gelato Fiasco Peanut Butter Stracciatella Gelato

[Discontinued] Alrighty, it is National Peanut Butter Day and I've been saving one of my free Gelato Fiasco samples for this very special day. (recap: Maine gelato company, high quality, expanding, great social media presence). Hope you're ready because this one is a doozy!

Gelato Fiasco Peanut Butter Stracciatella Gelato

I dig right in and this one is excellent. I have no qualms on saying that this is on par with talenti gelato. It's got that same quality texture and that "dont want to stop" scoop-ability.

It's just such a rich flavor. It's more salty peanut butter than flat peanut oil. There are specks of peanut that add extra grit and almost give the feeling of eating peanut butter on a piece of bread. It's just that wholesome and robust of a flavor. I love it, love love love it. Oh how I adore a good peanut butter flavor.

It's just so creative on this choice of going with peanut butter and stracciatella. Just like other stracciatella flavors, it's more of a texture enhancement rather than large chocolate chips that jar you from the texture or the base flavor. If anything, I'm starting to get this vibe that Gelato Fiasco is going to be the Ben & Jerry's to Talenti's Haagen-Daz. Both excellent, but Gelato Fiasco has that New England, familiar, homey flair to it. Talenti is more mature while GF is trying to pull out my inner child. I so hope these guys go national.

Awesome, just awesome. I'm so enjoying this peanut butter aftertaste to boot.

On Second Scoop: So, picture the Gelato Fiasco flavor masters working in their kitchen going "ok, we've got this great peanut butter gelato, but how can we set it apart?"  "well, pb and chocolate is a beloved combo, but how do we make it different?" and then magic happened. Somebody, someone, in that factory realized that if you take straticella and put it in the peanut butter flavor, it won't dominate the peanut butter, but what it will do it to trick your brain in to thinking your chomping down on fresh peanuts. I adore when companies take a quality product and then add that twist to set it apart from all the others. This flavor is easily up there with the best of them like Haagen-Dazs peanut butter pie. Nice job GF!

Verdict?  Excellent
Buy Again?  YES!


  1. It looks expensive. How does this compare to others price?

  2. Ha, indeed it does look expensive. I want to say it was $5.99 at Whole Foods, though Whole Foods tends to overprice anyway. Hopefully as distribution grows, we'll see it pop up for $4.99 and then in a perfect world say $3.99. It's not $9.99 Jeni's or Steve's pricing, so if one catches your eye, don't be afraid to treat yourself.

  3. I can handle that. I see a mason jar with screw cap and fancy label and sticker over the top and I think there is $3 for the container now how much for the ice cream :)

  4. Their dark chocolate sorbet is by far the most decadently rich rendition my taste buds have come across!!

  5. I'm lucky enough to live in Brunswick Maine, which is home to their flagship store. This place is the bomb! Expensive yes but totally worth it!


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