Monday, December 2, 2013

The Nosh Show Episode 18

Hello! Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend (my apologies if you didn't get one). We've got a very... well, you see, we suffered through one of the worst skype calls ever, everyone was constantly breaking up and yet we pulled off a fairly normal episode of the show somehow. Apparently we're getting pretty good at this!

So, episode 18 is now available (links and download options here). Several topics are discussed like my complete and utter disregard for products that I should have tried ages ago, the tasty new IHOP raspberry white chocolate pancakes, Ben & Jerry's Mississippi Mud Pie, and all kinds of fun fictional foods. Oh, and my nosh of the week is pumpkin pie, because, well, I adore pumpkin pie in any form. I had a neat pumpkin pie with graham cracker crust last weekend, my mom made a traditional pumpkin pie (just not the same if we don't have that!), and then my in-laws spiced up the mix by ordering a squash pie. Now this was my first time with a squash pie and though I can be picky, I thought it was pretty cool. In terms of flavor, it's more subdued than a pumpkin pie, but this particular treat had a thick consistency that really reminded me of a cheesecake... I also had an excellent apple pie this week. It was a good week!

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