Friday, April 16, 2010

Talenti Gelato Double Dark Chocolate Review

Liveblogging: this is where I type between bites

My brain was in serious need of something to cool it down. I wasn't really sure what to get and then there it was, just waiting to tease me with it's one dollar off sale price. Talenti's Double Dark Chocolate Gelato. Freezing cold dark chocolateness sitting there in it's see thru container.

Are those dark chocolate chips I see?

Off goes the plastic seal and then off goes the lid.

Mmmmmmmmmm, dark chocolate. It is a little dry, but not stunningly dry. Maybe the very dense nature of the gelato is offsetting the dryness. I'd say it has struck a nice balance between the dry and the creamy.

The dark chocolate chips are small, but they are abundant so I'm getting some in every scoop. They are so small they are more like little flavor bursts more than a full dark chocolate onslaught. I'm definitely enjoying the crunch they are adding.

Hmmm, I'm detecting something strange. I can't quiet place it. Not that I have any experience, but I want to say it's almost an alcoholic quality. I know this taste but can't elaborate.

Have I mentioned the chips everywhere? They are right on the money here, very nice.

Ok, ingredient check time: Hmmm, everything looks normal ...wait, here it is, Vermouth! Ha! I knew it was an alcohol flavor. I may not drink, but that doesn't mean I can't pick up on these things. I wonder why they do that?

"Semisweet Callebaut Chocolate morsels imported from Belgian are immersed in dark chocolate gelato together with a splash of vermouth, which gives new tempting definition to smooth and rich"

This is definitely well made but it's time to put it in the freezer....

Hmmm, the flavor is lingering a bit. It's a mild cocoa-ish flavor

I like it for being different and I appreciate the level of quality in their products. I don't foresee buying this again unless I was pairing it with some like really fancy dessert.


MumB said...

I discovered this gelato in a supermarket on a visit to Florida. It is the best ice cream I've ever tasted...dense, layered bitter chocolate experience; creamy smooth; just the right number of crunchy choc chips to provide texture. Now I'm back in NC and can't get this divine stuff!

Jodi said...

I tried this flavor recently and while the texture was incredible, it made me say something I never though I would: it was TOO rich. I didn't think that was possible! I'm obsessed with finding the richest chocolate possible. But this gave my thought a gross burning made me feel sickingly full after just half a cup.

Maybe I'm just not a fan of gelato...

MumB said...

Having posted that, I wondered...Am I sure it isn't sold here? I had seen it at Super Target in Florida, so I telephoned the biggest one in our area. Sure enough, they had it! (Vermouth? I'll have to eat more than the half carton I've downed already...)

Dubba said...

@MumB: Glad you found it!

@Jodi: There's no doubting this is a very powerful treat. I'll give Talenti this, they don't mess around!

MumB said...

Dubba, I read your review of this gelato to some visiting foodies from Seattle, one a restaurant owner who commented that perhaps the blogger was putting us on about the vermouth. So we pulled the cartons out of the trash, and sure enough...vermouth is an ingredient. Full marks to you for catching that subtlety...

Dubba said...

Thanks! I do what I can :)

Meg said...

Try the Champagne Peach sorbetto from them if you can find it. It literally bubbles on your tongue. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Just tried a pint of the Belgian Milk Chocolate gelato...simply a delightfully sinful taste of heaven!

David Culpepper said...

My name is David C. from SC, and I am eating the double chocolate right now and yes it is amazing... But in truth their Belgian Milk Chocolate is the best I've had from them. And the containers definately hold their value for my odd homemade left-overs =).

Anonymous said...

Chocolate lovers, the Belgian Milk Chocolate is creamy and tasty...but it tastes more like milk than chocolate. Boo :-( If you are a chocoholic, as I am, the Double Dark Chocolate is hands-down the best chocolate ice cream/gelato on the market-the vermouth being the deal-sealer. It tastes like frozen chocolate mousse. Kudos Talenti.

Susanne Hope Eby said...

I actually LOVE this flavor....but just so you know.... It would take approximately 6 to 8 hours in around 450 degree f in the OVEN to actually cook out ALL of alcohol. I know all of people says it cooks out, but that is in fact a word of mouth LIE.
I went around and top chefs and chemists will tell you the honest truth. It cooks out SOME alcohol, but in a pan? for fifteen minutes? Less than one percent.
I don't know who started it, but it was probably some mother who misinterpreted the information without actually consulting a scientist.
But most professional cooks now a days take advantage of this, but certain cooking wines boost flavor and they don't pour in a whole lot of it just to make sure. People give alcohol too much of a pillar.
Alcohol occurs naturally in ALL FRUITS. The more acidic-the more alcohol. Though it is very little, you are still consuming alcohol with every orange slice, every tart strawberry, every bit of grape. The key is moderation. People forget this.
And rich...? Seriously. This was not rich compared to the DUTCH chocolate gelato in the store called MELT in the SF Mall. That was so rich I had to have a creme brulee gelato to balance it out. I've had MANY gelatos and even been in the presence of my friend's GUINESS (yes the beer) Gelato. I dare not try that one!
A true chocoholic would consider this as pleasant and nice. Rich? Hardly.