Sunday, April 28, 2024

Non-Dairy Strawberry Showdown

I wasn't sure how excited you would all be about the new oat milk based options from Walmart, but then I realized we could have a little fun with it. I recently picked up a pint of Talenti's retooled recipe #80 (summer strawberry sorbetto), so why not compare that strawberry non-dairy option to Walmart's non-dairy strawberry option? Could be fun... maybe. Let's find out!

bettergoods Strawberry Oatmilk non-dairy frozen dessert
sun-ripened strawberries belnded in creamy oatmilk
Talenti Summer Strawberry dairy-free sorbetto
real strawberries blended with a hint of lemon
The Talenti (right) was overfilled and popped it's seal.
(not that you can tell from this photo)

Ya know, I wasn't expecting the oatmilk one to be this shade of pink! I was expecting something more muted and slightly beige.... kind of how the Talenti looks in this particular lighting.

It's a hard decision, but I go bettergoods first because the color intrigues me. Yeah, this tastes like strawberry sherbet not strawberry oatmilk. That usual oatmilk texture is trying it's best to hide from my tastebuds. 

If you gave this to me blindfolded, I don't think I would guess that this is an oat based. There's maybe just a smidge of something, but I would probably think it's coming from something else, not the oats. I'm actually really impressed right now.

Digging in the Talenti, it's definitely a sorbet, and it's definitely from Talenti as it has a bit of bite to it (I assume from the lemon juice). I'm pretty sure I'm having flashbacks to when I tried their roman raspberry sorbetto so many eons ago.

I put away the Talenti and take a few more bites of the Bettergoods. Yeah, still impressed. To be clear, I'm not impressed that it's some kind of crazy amazing flavor, I'm impressed because I'm not thinking about oatmilk. It makes me really want to try some of the other flavors now just to see how they compare against this one.

That's it for now. Bettergoods is better than expected, and the Talenti lines up with what I expected. The question left is "will I have the urge to go back for more tomorrow?"

On Second Scoop: The answer is no. It's been a week since the first scooping and I can't say that I took the time to retry either of these until right now. Overall, I would say that I am still impressed with this oatmilk treat, which is good because I picked up the salted caramel version while I was at Walmart this week. Again, it's not some premium ice cream, but it's definitely one of the better non-dairy otpions that I've tried. As for the Talenti, it's a little too in my tastebuds' face for my liking. When that first bite makes you go "Whoa", then you know it's a treat for a specific moment versus a daily treat. To be fair though, that's kind of what I expect from a Talenti Sorbet (or maybe even sorbet in general). It's not meant to be subtle. Ok, I'm gonna go eat a few Tostitos now.

MFG Note: You may be wondering why I started with bettergoods non-dairy options rather than going with their base line up. The answer is "cross contamination". I'm proud of Walmart for making the non-dairy stuff safe, but unfortunately the other bettergoods lineup carries the typical giant cross contamination warning that their cheaper ice creams carry.

Verdict?  BG is unexpectedly good, Talenti is potent
Buy Again?  already bought another BetterGood flavor

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  1. I tried the Talenti Strawberry Margarita, and I don't often give up after a few bites, but the flavor was off-putting. It was my first experience with their products, and I think likely it will be my last.

    1. Oh geez, it's up to you in the end, but I would not judge Talenti by one of their worst flavors.

    2. I agree. Talenti has too many good options to give up after one try.

  2. They both sound interesting in their own ways. I kind of like Oatmilk products so may try the Bettergoods. It's been fun reading you try different dairy free options and comparing them.

    The comparison to the Talenti Raspberry sorbetto made me interested in the strawberry, I love the dense, strong, lemony bite of the Raspberry.

  3. Appreciate the advice!


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