Thursday, November 16, 2023

Van Leeuwen Kettle Corn Ice Cream

[New for Fall 2023] Hey, guess what? I remembered to read the flavor description before diving in to the (faux) pint today. Also, is everyone ok with all the Tillamook and Van Leeuwen reviews this year? Unfortunately the freezer aisle just isn't that exciting this year so mixing in these new (to me) brands has helped keep things going. Anyway, let's scoop in to...

Van Leeuwen Kettle Corn Ice Cream
sweet corn and butter ice cream with pieces of honeycomb

I like seeing the bits. It has the faint smell of something oddly familiar.

Pretty similar to the opening shot.

Like the smell, the flavoring is oddly familiar too. I get that it's supposed to be butter, but it comes across more complex than that. Oooo, the little crunchy bits are kind of a sweet and fun distraction.

I definitely prefer the bites with the honeycomb, but overall, yeah, it's keeping me scooping.

It's not a straight up super sweet flavor, but I feel like this won't be for everyone.

Yup, it's official, it's got a butterscotch vibe. That works for me, will it work for you?

I think the Van Leeuwen texture pairs well with this flavor combo.

Ooo, that aftertaste was a bit much there for a second. For some reason it's really lingering.

Every time I take a scoop or two, I can't help but wonder what this would pare well with. A pretzel cone? Definitely. The right cereal maybe? I think so. Chips? Ooo, yeah, I want chips now.

Ok, half the pint is gone, and as a lover of butterscotch things, I'm thinking I'll be buying a couple more of these before they disappear.

On Second Scoop: And now it's all gone! I made it through a big serving, a little serving, and the final serving. Occasionally you get a bite that tastes just a little odd (second scooping), but I totally forgot about it on the third scooping. It's just a fun flavor to me. The texture and density are right for this particular flavor profile. I really need to pick up more of these.

Verdict?  I liked it!
Buy Again?  yup!


  1. I just dont care for this brand. Thats a shame, because flavor wise, they are more creative than any of the other brands i have access to here in South Florida. I just wish this had a more premium consistency and feel. I’d pay more for the creativity they offer.

    As far as the Tillamook, Ive never had it yet but I’ll grab it as soon as I see the peppermint or whatever other festive seasonal offering they have.

  2. Any review is better than no review!

    I don't like VLW. But ooooooCORN. I love corn ice cream, so this review has me excited already.

    Koreans have a lot of delicious corn ice cream. But you didn't mention that profile much.


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