Thursday, November 9, 2023

Tillamook Peppermint Bark Ice Cream

[New for Fall 2023] Good news, I finally found the other new Tillamook holiday flavor! It seemed like every place kept getting the sugar cookie flavor but never this one, but no more!

Tillamook Peppermint Bark Ice Cream
peppermint ice cream with candy cane bits and white chocolate chunks

Not super busy, but still fun enough.
Also, it smells like candy canes!

I was hoping the white chocolate chunks would kick in a bit more,
but yeah, this is still Tillamook, so don't expect a ton of them.

I take my first few bites and I like it. It's no Haagen-Dazs peppermint bark ice cream, but it's enjoyable for sure. I like minty flavors in general, but this is basically candy cane flavored really, which to me is different than a straight up mint flavor. 

Circling back, mix-ins might be a little disappointing if that's what you are going for. There are white chocolate chunks, and there is the occasional small bit of candy cane that hasn't melted in to the ice cream, but overall, you still won't get a crunchy bit in every bite. 

Could you maybe elevate this one with either a crushed candy cane or some mini (dark?) chocolate chips? Sure, it could be worth a try. Me? I kind of wish that I had some all natural Turkey Hill chocolate ice cream right now because I'm curious how it would accent this flavor.

So decent first scooping and it's distinctly better than the sugar cookie flavor (well, as long as you like mint anyway). If you are interested, give this one a shot.

On Second Scoop: I'm not sure why, but this one was better on the second try. The flavoring just seemed more uniform and that helped it click more with me. I'm still not getting a ton of mix-ins, and I did have to kind of mentally note when I was got a white chocolate chunk versus a candy cane bit (hint, the bits are smaller and crunchier). Anyway, the second scooping went down easy and I can't wait to have more tomorrow.

Verdict?  tasty (though it could use more mix-ins)
Buy Again?  sure!

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  1. I actually thought of HD's Peppermint Bark flavor as I was reading this review- that and I just finished up a pint of it this week. Their white chocolate base hits home for me everytime, especially in my all time fav of theirs - white chocolate raspberry truffle ❤️

  2. Peppermint season is the best season. I’ll try this one.

  3. Where's the chocolate addition, as shown in the picture? The white chocolate is essentially a vanilla flavored dud. Please, Tillamook, make it the real Peppermain Bark - more peppermind chunks and certainly the chocolate!! Otherwise, re-label: Peppermind flavored vanilla ice cream with teeny tiny bits of peppermind stick candy. I know you can do better!


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