Sunday, October 15, 2023

Tillamook Holiday Sugar Cookie Ice Cream

[Announced Sept 2023] Yay, new flavor! Sure, it's a smidge early to think about Christmas (looking at you Walmart), but I'm happy to see new stuff and Christmas inspired flavors are usually pretty fun. Alright, let's take a quick scoop of....

Tillamook Holiday Sugar Cookie Ice Cream
cookie dough ice cream with cookie dough and sugar pieces

Not exciting, but not unexpected.

Not a lot of color, but there is potential here

As you might expect, my biggest concern is how sugary is this sugar cookie flavor going to be? Good news, it's not super sugary! This one could have easily been weird, but it made a fine first impression flavor wise.

Secondary thought: the cookie dough bits are a little dry. It doesn't say it on the label, but I think it's safe to assume that it's sugar cookie dough which is why it's a bit different. I'm hoping that they get a little less dry as we go, but it certainly won't slow me down much.

Last thought: yeah, I forgot to track down the sugar bits in particular, and I don't think I noticed them in general. Granted this was a small first serving, so I'll find them on the second scoop.

Ok, that's all for now. Official full size serving tomorrow.

On Second Scoop: I've had this two more times and I think the best word to describe this flavor is tame, but if you think of it, that's kind of Tillamook's MO anyway. They don't make bold crazy flavors. They don't add a gazillion mix-ins. They just serve up decent mainstream ice cream. 

The sugar pieces? Yeah, they are just sugar pieces, something akin to the little crunchy sugar blobs you might find in other treats. The overall flavor continues to be mild. I got the idea that maybe this ice cream would pair real well with the cinnamon sugar cookies I was baking, and it was a fine pairing, but I didn't make any magic happen.

Verdict?  tame
Buy Again?  probably not?

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  1. "Not a log of color, but there is potential here"

    Glad to hear that was the case.

    Otherwise, that wood be disappointing.

  2. Wow, man, A for effort there. Thanks for the LOL.

  3. My 3 kids love this ice cream - it is rare all 3 like the same, yay!

  4. Ooh where did you find this? Been looking around but haven't seen it yet.

  5. The tiny cookie bites and a tiny piece of crunchy sugar here and there didn't add any additional flavor. At the end of my two scoops I felt as though I had just eaten, well, vanilla ice cream.

  6. @Chloe: It should be wherever you would find Tillamook, so for me I've seen it at Price Chopper and Hannaford (aka Food Lion / Giant / Stop & Shop)

    @Anon: that is a perfectly reasonable opinion on this one :)

  7. "Wow, man, A for effort there. Thanks for the LOL"


    No, thank you, sir.

    Been a reader of the absolutely great reviews here for many years; but first time commenter.

  8. Do you know if there’s any other sugar cookie ice creams out this year? It’s been years lol, but I still miss Holidoodle.

  9. Technically Blue Bunny came out with a sugar cookie flavor in their soft lineup

    if you are down south, you could also try blue bell's cookie flavor

    (there may be others that I am unfamiliar with)


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