Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Cold Case Ice Cream

A few weeks ago, I got an email from the marketing firm for Cold Case Ice Cream (website). I had never heard of them, but it only took a moment of looking at their website for me to realize that I needed to accept their offer and see what their delicious looking flavors were all about.

Cold Case Ice Cream
6 unique flavors that rotate every 6 weeks

Cold Case Ice Cream: Flight Risk
Madagascar vanilla ice cream with cookie butter chunks,
cookie butter swirls, & golden cinnamon cream.

This will sound painfully obvious, but boy does this remind me of the lotus biscoff ice cream pints that were available a few years ago (see the review here). It's not just the flavor though, there's a certain Biscoff funk that goes with that. Ahhh, funk sounds bad. I think it's just the way that cookie butter blends in with ice cream. I've even had the same thing happen when I mix a literal scoop of Biscoff in my ice cream.

As far as mix-ins go, boy there are alot! I'm having trouble getting to the base ice cream without getting swirl or cookies on my spoon. I think I may not actually get to truly taste the base until the second scooping (running with the assumption that the mix-ins are often most plentiful on top).

So yeah, plenty of cookie butter cookie and cookie butter spread flavoring to go around. This is not a bad thing, but definitely something you would want to be prepared for before shoveling in to this dense pint.... ha, sorry, I should have mentioned that these pints came with a golden shovel spoon. Yeah, it's as fun as it sounds (we'll cover it more on the next post).

Cold Case Ice Cream: Raspberry Zodiac
White chocolate ice cream with California raspberries,
toffee covered Oreos, & handmade caramel.

So very pretty. It looks like peppermint cookies and cream.

I decided to try this one next and boy am I glad I did. In a word: delicious. In two words: flippin' delicious. In three words: just kidding, I'll stop, but man is this one amazing. Like one of the best ice creams I've ever tried, and I've been doing this blogging thing for 15 years. I can't believe how well this one works. 

So busy. So amazing. So don't want to stop eating it.

It starts with a top notch cookies and cream flavor in a white chocolate base. You know the really good cookies and cream flavors by the way that cookie wafer flavor just bursts in to ever bite. Next, a top notch toffee in so many of my bites. Then, just to make sure the flavor train never stops, there's an excellent raspberry swirl which you think might not work, but it totally works. Every bite is delicious. 

It's been like 45 minutes since I've had this and I still can't stop raving about it to myself. The rest of the pints could all be just decent and I would still be amazed by the overall product because this flavor is that good. [I make myself hungry ever time I have to proofread this section]

Disclaimer #1: I love cookies & cream, and I love toffee, and I even love raspberry, so I'm probably a bit biased, but it doesn't change this from being one of the best things I've ever eaten.

On Second Scoop: I definitely enjoyed Flight Risk more on the second and third tries. I still crave some kind of counterbalance to the cookie sweetness, but by no means is this not a tasty ice cream. It's good, but for me personally, it just needs something to really bring it home. As for Raspberry Zodiac, yeah, just as amazing on the second try. They could have just sent me six pints of this and I would have been happy for a long time. Oh, important foot note. The mix-ins never seemed to quit in either pint. At least not in any noticeable way!

Next up: I shared Lover's Quarrel (and it's nuttiness) with one of my co-workers, so it'll be Killer Bees up next, and then we'll wrap things up with Medellin Madness and Dr. Key Lime Mango Manhunt. Thanks again to Cold Case for these free samples! Oh, speaking of that, a six apck of cold case ice cream goes for $99 plus shipping Scratch that, they switched it to $129.99 with free shipping. Scratch that again, it's now $99 plus free shipping (and you can mix and match flavors now). The price includes all the cool branding that comes with these as well as a golden shovel spoon. Yeah, we'll dig more in to that next time!

Verdict?  Excellent!


  1. I was about to rush & go order Raspberry Zodiac but more than $20/pint is absurd.

  2. No way, $21 a pint. I'm glad you got to try them, but I'm sad to say I can't see them expanding at that price point.

    Sounds amazing though.

  3. $27 a pint after shipping is a bit outside my price range but I'm happy for you lol

  4. Wow! Ive been reading this blog since the beginning and you’ve never gone on and on like you did for this white chocolate raspberry. That’s a huge endorsement. I really want to try all these flavors but Im in deep South Florida and its already almost 90 and its not even noon yet so I always hesitate with having perishables shipped. I bring a cooler even to buy ice cream at the grocery store and that’s 5 minutes away. Love the names of the flavors and I’ll be hoping for retail distribution.

    1. You should google if it's sold down there somewhere I'm sure it's somewhere maybe Miami true

  5. I'll talk about it more on the next post, but they do encourage making this an event ice cream, like if you have a bunch of people over, everyone can take turns guessing what the flavors are.

    It's still a lot, but I think $99 with free shipping would be an easier price point to accept... that or the ability to pick and choose what you get :)

    (and now I'm thinking about Raspberry Zodiac again)

    1. No, it sounds amazing. And it did get some of us to check their website. They talk about coming with a "game" which maybe offsets the price.

      Sadly it is like 4 Vanilla bases. Still probably all amazing, but I don't want to encourage myself or companies to make $2] ice cream :( if they had a scoop shop I'd consider trying it.

      Thanks for the review super cool to know about still.


  6. I enjoyed reading your review!! I’d have to agree with you on the Raspberry Zodiac-INCREDIBLE!! I have a sweet tooth after reading this

  7. $129.99?? For 6 pints, or for a subscription for a certain amount of time with 6 pints each? If it's the former, that's ridiculous. I'm glad you enjoyed it, but I can't see myself or anyone I know trying this out.

  8. $129.99 for an unproven brand……pass

    They would be smart to drop the price and have an option that is just the ice cream without all the extras.

  9. I believe we only live once. So if the ice cream is as good as the company says, and they can back it up then go ahead and spend the money. People need to stop acting like $130 for high end ice cream is going to leave them homeless. Most spend more than $130 in a month just at Starbucks alone. Stop whining people and live a little. It’s high end ice cream for a reason, not week old cake at a casino.

  10. BAHAHAHAHAHA (thanks for the morning laugh!)

  11. $120 for 6 pints of ice cream is just bad business. Nice commercial, pricing is stupid. It's ice cream. Whomever thought the price was acceptable was drunk, stupid, or both.

  12. I tried this for my family and the flavors are really, really good. Not your store bought pints. The chocolate and rasberry flavors are the best of the six I tried(Cereal killer, anything chocolate). Price is steep. If you love Ice Cream, and that is our weakness, its worth trying once. You might keep buying. I just looked on their website and the price is $99 for six pints. They do a great job of packaging. We received them in 2 days and Ice cream was still pretty frozen.

  13. Geez, I guess they took everyone's comments to heart and have indeed lowered the price to $99 plus free shipping. Plus you can mix and match your 6 flavors now. I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the heads up!


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