Thursday, November 21, 2019

Lotus Biscoff Original Ice Cream

[New for Fall 2019] I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm glad I didn't buy more than one of these new Biscoff ice cream flavors at Target today...  (there are four in all)

Lotus Biscoff Original Ice Cream

I guess I'm waiting five minutes...

Ha, I wasn't expecting the cookie crumbs.
I like the crumbs but the ice cream looks... wrong.

Does it look fun? Or does it look a little weird with that thin white layer on top, some kind of thin cookie spread looking layer, and then a slightly beige looking layer underneath. Is something in your brain going "I can't put my finger on it, but that doesn't look right".

Well, simply put, it's not right. I had read a review by someone (my apologies for forgetting who) and they said it felt cheap and that the texture was off. I was hoping they were wrong. They were not. I was thinking about it and it kind of reminds me of the junk that "Italian Frozen Dessert" that Breyer's tries to pawn off as gelato. The texture is just wrong. It's more foamy than anything and I have no urge to eat frozen foam.

I've long said that Biscoff (speculoos) in ice cream is brilliant, and here we have the company that pioneered cookie spread totally messing up the execution of this ice cream. What a waste.

Besides the Salted Caramel and Chocolate Brownie flavors seen here, there's also a blueberry cheesecake flavor. At the moment, I don't foresee trying them.

On Second Scoop: Ok, if you let it temper for a really long time (over 15 minutes), the texture becomes a bit less rubbery and foamy. I still don't love it and I still won't buy it again, but at least I can finish it now. I think if you like things like enlightened and halo top, the texture of this stuff won't bother you, but I'm still not recommending you waste your 4-5 dollars on it.

Verdict?  so disappointing
Buy Again?  Nope


Anonymous said...

In theory, what is this supposed to be? A vanilla (my guess since it's white) base, with some biscoff crumbs on top and a gel/swirl layer kind of like the cookie butter throughout? I was hoping it would be biscoff flavored ice cream with extra crumbs/swirl more so than it just being the mix-in.

I'm a cheapskate and very glad I didn't spend $6 on one of these, though I've seen a few better reviews for other flavors. There's also a Belgian Chocolate Chip flavor.

Dubba Scoops said...

Pint was $3.99 on sale, $4.49 regular

I think it is a cookie spread flavored base, but the texture was distracting me from enjoying it. (cookie flavoring is there but needs to be stronger)

People used to more modern (gummy) ice creams are probably more tolerant than my old school self :)

Unknown said...

Dang that is disappointing. Biscoff could had released their own edible cookie dough. That would been amazing.

Dubba Scoops said...

HAHAHAHAHA, I love cookie spread but I never thought of Biscoff cookie dough, interesting :)

Chike said...

You should check out Hudsonvilles cookie butter flavor

Dubba Scoops said...

I would if I could
but I can't
so I won't!

Unknown said...

Wow, at the price, I really wanted to like this. However, there was just no substance to this ice cream. As others have mentioned, it was like foam. I would say it reminded me of a thick milkshake. The very thin flavor layer on top didn’t rescue it. Sorry.

Unknown said...

This is my favorite type of ice cream ever. Its a delicasy to me. I am shocked at the other reviews. This ice cream is crazy delicious.

sapphire sky said...

You are weird. Apparently you are letting it melt into liquid. If you want a milk shake buy another ice cream. This ice cream is thee best ice cream I ever had in fact obviously almost everyone agrees which is why it's always running out super fast. It leaves as quick as it comes. However I only like the original the others are average save the caramel is a little above average but next to the original it's average too.

Dubba Scoops said...

ugggg to your first statement.

"letting it melt in to a liquid" = products like these have a weird way of melting because of all the gums and stabilizers

"almost everyone agrees" = lies

"best ice cream" = stating as fact when it's just your opinion

"running out" because places know not to waste their money restocking it

just my opinions anyway....