Sunday, June 5, 2022

Edward's Pie Slices

During the lull before the 2022 ice cream season (Aka early 2022), I decided to pick up these Pie Slices from Price Chopper. It's been almost 4 years since Edward's has been on blog, so let's get them back on here (last review was the chocolate cream pie version).

Edward's Key Lime Pie Slices
Edward's Whipped Cheesecake Slices

Each box contains two individual slices

I try the whipped cheesecake first, though keep in mind that I'm used to regular cheesecake and not whipped cheesecake. Hmmm, not bad! It's not real intense which is interesting.

I jump over to key lime pie and it's pretty good too. It's a little stronger than I would like, so I simply start eating them at the same time. That's right, a bit of each on my fork makes for the flavor I am hoping for.

The crust isn't amazing, but it's enjoyable. It's a frozen product so I knew full well it wouldn't taste like a fresh graham cracker crusts. It's good though, or at least pretty good.

The whipped cream near the end threw me off a little, but only in the sense that it could use the whipped cream through the whole treat. Next time, I will probably add my own.

I was hesitant, but I like these. They are fun and I don't really have any complaints. No, they aren't some $8 slice of cheesecake (or pie), but I also didn't spend $8 on them. I'm going to leave the other two for my wife and see if she enjoys them as much as I did.

On Second Scoop: need to buy more for second scooping

Verdict?  I liked 'em!
Buy Again?  sure!

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JoeK said...

I agree with you sir. Edwards is never amazing but always solid. I've yet to feel like one of their pies was a waste of money or calories.