Saturday, May 28, 2022

Ben & Jerry's Cherry Crumble Ice Cream

[Limited Edition for 2022] Chris tipped me off to another new Ben & Jerry's flavor, and it seemed right up my alley. Yes, I love chocolate ice creams and ice creams with chocolate, but the reality is that most days I tend to pick something non-chocolatey. So I was pretty stoked when I found this at Hannaford:

Ben & Jerry's Cherry Crumble Ice Cream
buttery ice cream with cherries & swirls of oat crumble

I'm liking the bits everywhere...

...but I had hoped for a more solid swirl.

There's lots of cherries which is cool, and they aren't icy. I don't know if I wish there was a bit more overall cherry flavoring though.

Wait, step back. So I was pretty sure I would like this one and I do for sure. That's not up for debate. The question with a flavor like this is how much do I like it.

Overall, it's a fairly sweet flavor and I quickly scooped through my first serving. I mentioned maybe wanting a bit more cherry flavor, and maybe also some more oat crumble chunks. The oat definitely adds flavor, but with a lifetime love of oatmeal cookies and other assorted things, part of me wanted more. Don't just give me bits, give me an actual thick oat crumble swirl that I can dig in to.

I am enjoying this flavor and I may even be regretting not buying two of these just in case (not that it should be an issue, but you never know). Will see if it grows on me tomorrow, but for the moment, I will just debate if I want to crush up an oatmeal cookie and sprinkle it on top for good measure.

On Second Scoop: This one grew on me and I went back for another. I definitely like this as a change of pace from my usual chocolate and vanilla options.

Verdict?  buy two
Buy Again?  already did

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Allie B said...

I liked the flavor, but to me it hit more like oatmeal cookie than cherry crumble. I wanted a cherry jam swirl or something to really get the cherry crumble essence of that bubbling, sweet, reduced fruit bottom of a crumble. Mine also skimped on the cherries, which is rare for a B&J pint, so I envy you having so many cherries in yours!

Mark said...

What is buttery ice cream, and how does it differ from sweet cream? Did it taste like butter? The base is the only thing that caught my attention about this pint because I am not a cherry lover, and it will take a lot of convincing for me to choose this over something with caramel, chocolate, peanut butter, or coffee. I dig the deviation from vanilla. I've always appreciated Ben and Jerry's experimenting with different bases - sweet cream, buttery, toasted marshmallow, vanilla malt, buttery brown sugar, mascarpone, etc.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this flavor as well. B&J have become so gimmicky - it was nice to have a fruity flavor.

Anonymous said...

I want to get this simply for the base. I actually hate cherries in ice cream though. Any other mixin would make me get it without hesitation.