Sunday, June 12, 2022

Gifford's Cone-y Pretzel Whirl Ice Cream

[New for 2022] For the first time in a very long time, the Mrs. and I went out for sundaes yesterday. Now technically we stopped at Sonic first, but after reading their extremely boring menu, we started searching around for something a bit more worthy of our time. Well, we came upon Moose Trackers in Scituate, RI. It's a fun little place that popped up in 2020 and they happen to have Gifford's two news flavors: Blue Monstah Cookie and....

Gifford's Cone-y Pretzel Whirl Ice Cream
vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered waffle cone pieces and pretzel swirl

When you go to a fun little place like Moose Trackers, you want to get something fun. I was tempted by the S'mores sundae for sure, but I just kept leaning towards the blondie sundae. My wife decided to get one too. (they also had delicious looking waffles)

Now the sundaes were definitely good looking, but in the end, I just couldn't click with my ice cream. You know I love all things pretzel, but there just wasn't enough here to balance things out. The grit of the pretzel swirl was just unrelenting for me. What if I hadn't gotten it in a sundae, would the experience have been even worse? Basically the pretzel swirl made the ice cream seem very badly freezer burned. There was some caramel on the sundae, but what it really needed was a huge helping of hot fudge to balance things out. I wound up only eating about half the sundae (though I probably would have eaten more but I just wasn't very hungry yesterday)

Thankfully my wife enjoyed her sundae more than I enjoyed mine. She went with a scoop of birthday cake ice cream and a scoop of maine wild blueberry ice cream on hers. I suspect we will go back again someday but for our next sundae break we'll find a place a little closer to home.

Verdict?  too gritty
Buy Again?  nope

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Giffords is really hit or miss for a premium ice cream. Their bruins ice cream stinks but their peanut butter pie is one of my fav of all time!