Sunday, May 30, 2021

Turkey Hill Strawberry Marshmallow Swirl

[New for 2021] Ooops I did it again. I went and tried a new flavor last month and didn't post it. Sorry about that. Maybe I was bitter that it's only a frozen dairy dessert?

Turkey Hill Strawberry Marshmallow Swirl Frozen Dairy Dessert
strawberry frozen dairy dessert with a swirl of whipped marshmallow


Does it look good or a little frightening?

Ok, I'm trying to remember how I felt about this one. My wife says it was definitely sweet but not terrible. I want to say that I wasn't a huge fan of the ooey gooey swirl plus the FDD texture (my instagram notes confirm I wasn't a huge fan). I do remember trying to mix it with Breyer's Chocolate Pretzel Swirl (review here) in hopes of a sweet & salty combo. Yeah, it didn't pan out, but my wife finished this one so it all worked out.

Other newness: Just noticed that there is a new all natural strawberries & cream flavor, oh I can't wait to try that one! I didn't realize the strawberry cheesecake flavor was new, I feel like I've seen it. I'll grab it next time. Brownie Fudge Swirl and Dark Chocolate Espresso are also new (you know which one I'll be grabbing). Note: Already tried the new S'mores Trio'politan (review here).

Verdict?  wasn't terrible
Buy Again?  my wife says maybe

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Danielle said...

I grabbed this one when I saw it in the store last week and was horribly disappointed. Very sweet and not satisfying at all, darn that FDD. Ever since TH got bought out, it's been declining. Makes me so sad :(

karubah said...

Based on the pictures and so-so reaction I wonder if the ice cream would benefit from having pieces of strawberry added.

Amanda said...

Dubba, since you and your followers are very keen on quality control, I found this article interesting (not that you have to read it,, but basically, "shrinkinflation" is hitting many products we commonly buy. Producers think they can get away with downsizing their food items while keeping the price the same. For instance, they noted that Tillamook reduced its ice cream containers from 56 ounces to 48 ounces earlier this year to offset rising costs.
I thought we already went through a massive downsizing already in the 2000s--our cereal boxes used to actually be large, rectangular boxes, not something you could easily slip through the slot in a mailbox because now it is so narrow.
Just something to keep in mind when you are perusing the ice cream aisle.

Dubba Scoops said...

Unfortunately it never stopped. It's funny that you mention Tillamook because price chopper just started to carry them but when I saw them, I thought "oh geez, another package downsizing". It's kind of intolerable at this point. My other pet peeves are bread and crackers (how airy are ritz crackers now? and why did my favorite bread go from 130 calories to 110 calories to 90 calories?!). I'd rather pay more than get less.

Unknown said...

Bought some today and it was quite unpleasant. Way too sweet and heavy on marshmallow. It completely dominates the strawberry (flavor as there is no actual strawberry pieces in here, all puree) and also misses a chance to what I thought could have a really nice texture to it if they were lighter on the marshmallow, fluffy with a bit more density to it, but this was just almost marshmallow cream to me. I stashed it back in the freezer and went and bought some Aldens strawberry as I was really having a craving for the flavor tonight.

Unknown said...

That is sadly the natural course of corporate consolidation, and sadly the dairy industry is in the throws of massive consolidation right now with mega farms buying up everything they can from large to small.