Sunday, May 23, 2021

Oatly Strawberry Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

[New for 2019] With so many companies jumping on the non-dairy bandwagon these last few years, I had kind of skipped over Oatly's offerings.Sure, I'm excited my son has more options, but many of these non-dairy products are potentially cross-contaminated that it takes some of the fun out of it. Well, it's way too quiet in the freezer aisle right now, so I decided to give them a second look when I realized they specifically say "no nuts". On top of that, their website goes more in depth about how they keep their products allergen free. I'm convinced, let's try...

Oatly Strawberry Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

Hahahaha, well then!

Well, what did you expect?
(the correct answer is strawberry bits)


I take a quick bite and do a double take. Did that actually taste good? And there's no weird aftertaste? That can't be right, this is non-dairy afterall.

I try some more later and sure enough, same result. Sure, it's a fairly light product. It's akin to a strawberry coolwhip, but that's not a fair comparison because it implies that the texture is lighter then it actually is.

So often, these non-dairy desserts have a decent taste but often leave this weird lingering sensation on my tongue. I don't see many people complain about it, but it bugs me (and because other people don't bring it up, I do wonder if it's just me being weird sometimes). That said, I didn't get that here! Also, I dig the texture. I know I often complain about gums and stabilizers, but they are used wisely here.

I really am impressed. My son didn't love it because he's not really a fan of strawberry flavors thing, but he asked if we could try some of the other flavors. So... I actually was at the store early today and picked up the vanilla and chocolate flavors. There are 10 flavors in all, so if those tests go well, maybe I can track down fudge brownie or chocolate chip.

Note: an instagram user pointed that they had tried Oatly softserve at Wrigley field and that sounds like something I need to try at some point. According to a news site, the soft serve is also available at Yankee Stadium and the field were the Texas Rangers play.

On Second Scoop: yeah, I'm still impressed. Granted, strawberry lends itself well to things like sorbet and sherbet (which this does remind me a bit of), but I like it. The ingredients mention lemon juice and part of me thinks I can taste the way it makes the strawberry pop. So, yeah, I am a fan.... though, to be fair, the big test will be to see how long this pint lasts. I sometimes have trouble finishing non-dairy pints, so if this one is gone in a week, you know that I am truly a fan.

Verdict?  impressive
Buy Again?  already bought 2 other flavors!

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Amanda said...

Dubba, maybe it was coincidence that you are spotlighting Oatly this weekend. On Friday, it had its Wall Street debut and raised "$1.4 billion in its IPO on the Nasdaq and the company is valued at nearly $10 billion." I don't know if it is because it is so thoroughly backed by Oprah or something with changing consumer tastes ("U.S. sales of oat milk jumped 131% this past year"), but I was curious too so I picked up a carton today. Thanks for reminding me they have these pints of oat ice cream. I sometimes bypass this area of the frozen food section because I assume it is still being overrun by Halo and Enlighten brands--which sure seem to be trying to cater to every "health" conscious consumer out there with their own Keto, non-dairy, protein-packed ice cream versions.
I may fall victim to the "Oprah effect" and also to your review; I'll give Oatley a try.
And couldn't we call most ice creams "Keto" if they all contain a good amount of fat?

Dubba Scoops said...

Wow! I had no idea!. I'm used to these alternate brands being pretty small (though it does explain why I have spotting Oatly "oatgurt" as well this week). Crazy how the oatmilk space has exploded over the last year.

[for the record, my son still prefers the OG - Pacific Valley Vanilla Oatmilk]

Rabbit Girl said...

i like the idea of going plant based but with 0% calcium this is not a workable option for my personal health needs

Dubba Scoops said...

Thanks for pointing that out. I just did a quick check of the other major oat based desserts and it seems that none of them put more than just a tiny smidge of calcium in the mix.

side note: it looks like Perry's already gave up on their "Oats Cream" lineup but I need to verify.

Amanda said...

Rabbit Girl,
I was interested in the calcium content too because I know Silk dairy-free products can have upto 50% of calcium intake for the day in their almond milk. Unfortunately, after looking up some of these non-dairy frozen dessert brands from:
I couldn't find any that had a good deal of calcium (not even "Nada Moo" which you would think may have some. But it may interest you to check out some of the other non-dairy brands out there.
Dubba, thanks for "Pacific Valley" recommendation. Never heard of them before.

Rabbit Girl said...

Of course all non-dairy(and some dairy) milk products are just fortified with calcium, so very similar to taking a pill supplement, so since i can have dairy, i generally stick to cow's milk light ice creams to get the highest calcium yields that can be effectively absorbed. it is unfortunate that calcium labeling doesn't specify the source of the calcium since that makes a world of difference regarding absorbency. if i could make use of the calcium in kale as easily as milk i'd go vegan easy.