Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Talenti Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Gelato Layers

I'm not sure why, but I thought I had already tried this one (because I had tried it in 2019!). I'm pretty sure I've walked by it a few times and totally spaced on needing to try it. Well, I'm at Stop & Shop and nothing else has my attention right now, so let's dive in to...  a flavor a tried two years ago. Oh geez, sorry everyone. 

Talenti Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Gelato Layers
cheesecake gelato, chocolate chunks, black cherry sauce,
cheesecake gelato, graham cookies

Cherry swirl: appetizing or scary?

I take my first bite and am surprised that I don't get a ton of cheesecake flavor. They kept the gelato mild and that will continue throughout my servings.

The cherry swirl is the highlight of this pint. It's a nice vibrant flavor and when paired with the chocolate chips, I almost get a very mild cherry coke vibe (for me, that is a positive).

I don't love the pie crusts pieces here. Yes they are crunchy, but there's a little bit of coconut flavoring to them and to me, that is distracting. Overall this pint has a nice flow, but if you get too many crust pieces, you get pulled from the moment.

This one is pretty easy to recommend. I'm not even bothered that the gelato is lighter than their usually offerings. Not perfect, but I continue to be amused by this lineup.

On Second Scoop: the second serving was only a few hours after the first serving, and I really should have waited, but hey, I ran out of snacks. I like this one. I do think that technically it should taste more like cheesecake and there will inevitably be some who are disappointed by this (and rightly so), but I still like it because of the swirl and chips. Fun times.... wait, I suddenly had visions of a black forest layered flavor. Ooooo, could be fun!

Update: So yeah, I tried this two years ago. You know what the funny thing is? I commented about how strong the cheesecake flavoring was back then and now it's barely existent! Maybe I wasn't the only one who thought it was too strong?

What I should have bought is the dark chocolate cherry which is the 2019 flavor that is missing from the reviews. I'm still waiting to pick up the new Cookies & Cream flavor and the new Strawberry Shortcake flavor.

Verdict?  tasty enough!
Buy Again?  yup

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Rabbit Girl said...

hey have a question about a previous post but thought you probably wouldn't see it there. Its about that tramontana--so it means wind, but what does it mean in terms of flavor. is it the equivalent of americans calling a flavor "mermaid" where it really has no actual meaning in terms of flavor profile, yet evokes a feeling that colors what it should be? or is that an actual flavor?

Dubba Scoops said...

No worries, I see all comments because I have to approve them before they post

As for Tramontana, I think it's more about being a reference to where the flavor is from (they mention it being a classic flavor in Buenos Aires gelato shops). Hope that helps.

Mark said...

Are fans getting tired of these "layered" gelatos? I've never tried them, but I can't imagine anyone turning down a frozen dessert with so much going on.

Dubba Scoops said...

They must be doing decent because this is the third year of new releases in the layers lineup. Plus, not every store has every flavor, so that might help keep things interesting.

There are two complaints that I hear most:

1) These are "too hard" to eat

2) The gelato in these is lighter than their regular gelato

#2 is valid, but I have never fully agreed with #1. I'm not saying people are wrong, I just feel like the complaint is a bit exaggerated. The lighter gelato in these makes them easy to scoop. Sure, you may not get every layer on every spoonful, but when you eat a regular pint of ice cream, do you get every component in every spoonful? Not always.

Amanda said...

Rabbit Girl, I never heard of Tramontana either, but I too have questioned what marketing panel came up with "mermaid" flavor. Maybe you have seen this one too, but I recently came across "Unicorn Vomit." It is supposedly reminiscent of those giant, rainbow-colored, swirled/twisted lollipops, but others have said it is more like your grandmother's violet candy squares, a jolly rancher, or maybe a Sweet Tart.
Dubba, iu the last "which would you rather" post, you opined on IG and YouTube reviews compared to having a blog. "On Second Scoop" will always be my "OG" for my ice cream fixation. This is my first stop for a virtual treat and your recommendations have not let me down yet (unless they are only in your local area :(

Dubba Scoops said...


also, Unicorn Vomit is a terrible name (though I did buy a cake mix because it had a llama on it)

Rabbit Girl said...

@Amanda and Dubba
I think the fantasy/animal names all amount to the same thing: pure sugar taste.

Unknown said...

Ok, I've come to grips with it. The Nosh Show isn't coming back (a limited run reunion show? no? bummer). How about On Second Scoop The PodCast? Sounds like a million scoop idea to me!

Dubba Scoops said...

Maybe in a few more years when everyone's kids grow up - though it is a little funny that I managed being on the show with two kids and then everyone else retired when they had kids :)

Wooderson said...

I tried this flavor over the weekend and thought this review was spot on.

The cheesecake flavor is barely detectable (if they did listen to your first review and dialed it down, I think they went way overboard). I feel like if you're going to call yourself a cheesecake flavor, you really should go all in with the cheesecake (within reason).

It's like a spicy flavor at a fast food restaurant. If a customer doesn't like spicy, he or she is not going to order something that says spicy on it. So, if you're going to call your food item spicy, you might as well make it actually spicy to please the people that are going to order it.

In a similar way, if a customer doesn't like cheesecake, he or she is very unlikely to buy a product that has cheesecake in the title (unless they are a professional ice cream reviewer). So, make it cheesecake-y!

I also thought the cherry swirl was top notch and was the star of the show. Finally, I also detected a very strong coconut vibe once you got to the pie pieces. I like coconut, but it didn't work well with these flavors, I didn't think.