Friday, April 26, 2019

Talenti Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Gelato Layers

[New for 2019] Wow, can't believe it's time for my fourth layered Talenti review already. (random story: I was at the store today and I overheard a conversation where the kid wanted to buy one of these but the dad was like "let's try the less sugar version". so embarrassing, hehehe.)

Talenti Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Gelato Layers
cheesecake gelato, chocolate chunks, black cherry sauce,
cheesecake gelato, graham cookies

Cheesecake gelato on top and down below.
(Why make them the same? I do not know)

This one takes a little while to settle in to, though like the others, once you get in a groove, it is hard to stop. This is probably my least favorite of the four that I've tried, though there are some unique components:

One, the cherry sauce. It's quite bold and makes the blueberry swirl from the other flavor seem almost tame in comparison. It's definitely a little shocking at first, but once you realize it's the component that's holding everything together, it all makes sense. It effectively tastes like a strong filling from inside of an cherry pie. I prefer my cherry a little more sweet and a little less bold, but it grew on me for sure.

These were tasty I think

The little chocolate bits help, though I wish there were more of them. I haven't mentioned this before, but sometimes the middle layers can get pretty thin in the middle (aka, they look great along the outside edge, but at the core, there aren't enough of them).

Downsides: a lingering coconut flavoring and the cheesecake is a bit bold for this application, though I thought of a way to fix it. (If you love cheesecake, you won't care about this ofcourse). Anyway, the bottom layer of gelato should be a graham flavored gelato. How awesome would that be to really bring that cheesecake vibe home? There's cheesecake flavoring where we just mean the filling, but then there is cheesecake flavoring where we mean crust and all. I think some graham gelato on the bottom would have wrapped it all together nicely and cut the potency of the cheesecake flavor. Alas, this did not happen.

So, I enjoyed the first 40% of the container, but I did not love it. Like I said, cheesecake lovers should enjoy this one, I just think it could be tweaked to have a bit wider ranging appeal.

On Second Scoop: I don't know if I really have anything to add. It has grown on me but I don't crave it like I did the others (though I'm not a huge cheesecake flavor fan anyway). It is a little less striking on followup servings, and I am enjoying it, but I really think there should be two different flavored gelatos here... what if it was cherry gelato? Hehehehe, sorry, still thinking about more diversity here.

Update: I accidentally re-reviewed this one here

Verdict?  potent
Buy Again?  maybe

(I'll add the nutrition info tomorrow)


  1. I haven't had this flavor, just the salted caramel and mint, but I agree that the second layer of ice cream needs more thought. In the salted caramel, I hated the vanilla and wished it had been chocolate instead. As for the mint, it was too much mint and again, maybe a chocolate layer instead of the second mint would have worked better. I have decided neither of these are a second purchase for me or do I have any interest in trying the other flavors. I am on a mission to snag one of the organic flavors, but they are no where to be found.

  2. My first, and possibly last, talenti layer. I heard another user say it had a faint coconut taste, and it does but that it oks. The cheesecake, cherry were fine. The graham was great.

    But that chococolate layer is terrible. It js loterally a landfil of the most undesirable component to land in my ice cream. A bunch of tiny shards all packed together and not spread out.

    Others should try it. But it would imo be 100x better if they took the chocolate out entkrely.

  3. While the concept of layers of different flavors sounds good, in practice with this packaging it's next to impossible to get all flavors at once. The container is too narrow and the product too hard to be able to get a scoop with all 5 flavors in it. This is especially true of the bottom level since there is so little of it and it gets stuck in the bottom corners. Even if you could scoop all of the flavors at once, there was almost no chocolate and very little of the graham crackers or cherry. It was almost all nasty tasting fake cheesecake flavor.

    In addition, I found the cheesecake gelato to be hard and grainy, rather than smooth and creamy like I would expect. It doesn't scoop easily and even as it melts it seems to melt on the outside and stay hard in the middle. It's a very unpleasant texture. Overall this was a major disappointment.

    It's unfortunate because I have had Talenti sorbetto in the past that I have really enjoyed, but I would recommend staying away from this product.

  4. You are not alone in this sentiment...

    that said, I just don't get it. I've tried almost all of the layered flavors and it's not that big a deal to hit all the layers. Sure, the bottom might be little hard to reach, but as soon as you take out those first few scoops to clear a path, it's not a big deal.

    If all else fails, get a bigger spoon.


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