Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Gelato Fiasco Deep Maine Woods Brownie Gelato

[New for 2019] Let me start with a solemn goodbye to the original "Deep Maine Woods" gelato that only survived for one year. Do not despair too much because it's successor is already here, and it has traded it's smokey caramel and honeycomb bits for an array of other mix-ins.

Gelato Fiasco Deep Maine Woods Brownie Gelato
black forest cake gelato, whipped cream, cherries!

Eagle eyed viewers might notice a few thin flakes of something. That's just part of the dry ice shipping process (this was a free sample from Gelato Fiasco). What really interests me are those (swirls? puddles? poofs?) of whipped cream trying to poke through the surface.

The funny thing is that I hit about 20 more small brownie chunks after taking this photo, but I love how the cherries look in this earlier photo. I was definitely stoked to dive in to this one. It's just nice to see several mix-ins in every scoop.

[a few minutes pass] Why is my bowl empty? I meant to type and eat but just wound up eating, though in my defense, I didn't scoop myself a ton. I'd say the most unique part is the whipped cream. The most plentiful part is the brownies. The most subtle part so far is the cherries since there are so many other chocolate components for it to compete with. I think I need more....

Ok, more gelato has been consumed. This pint may be a fluke, but boy is it chock full of mix-ins. The cherries are starting to hold their own and the chocolate chips add a nice lingering chocolate aftertaste which encourages you to have more [To nit pick, I don't love the flavoring of the chips, but I do love the contrast of how they linger]. Oh, I should probably have tried the base by itself, I will try to remember tomorrow. For now, let's just say it goes well with everything else.

If you need a chocolate fix, this will definitely do. I look forward to inhaling the rest of it. Thanks to Gelato Fiasco for the free pint.

On Second Scoop: I was so busy talking about my experience that I forgot to mention that our ol' pal Rovo was behind this flavor as well. I talked to Nick after I tried this one and he says that they will be infusing more cherry in to the base (awesome!) and the chips should be a little different in the very near future. I support both those actions to make a good pint even better. Good times!

Verdict?  delicious
Buy Again?  ofcourse


Anonymous said...

Not new for 2018 -- in fact, over a year old...next time do a single Google search and you won't look foolish https://www.gelatofiasco.com/blog/seven-new-pint-flavors-2018/

Bulldoger said...

Can’t wait to try this one. It’s all right up my alley.

Dubba Scoops said...

@Anon: BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! foolish? FOOLISH?? I'm not the one who can't tell the difference between "Deep Maine Woods" and "Deep Maine Woods Brownie".

@Bulldoger: check back when you do!

Bulldoger said...

Dubba, don’t take the troll bait. Anonymous is clearly a loser. There are too many of us who value and respect your expertise. Maybe anonymous should find a blog where nastiness is appreciated because this is a pretty friendly place.

Sascha said...

Anon, did you even read the opening paragraph? Talk about opening your mouth to remove all doubt.

For some reason, the gelato fiascos are disappearing in mid Michigan. Really hoping somebody rectifies that this summer.

Amanda said...

To Anonymous (1):
Good research. 2018 was a heck of a year for flavor debuts at Gelato Fiasco:

"-Sunken Treasure Gelato
-Doughing Me, Doughing You Gelato
-A Big ‘Ole Peanut Butter Pint Gelato
-Double Caramel Cookies & Cream Gelato
-Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Gelato
-Bourbon Butter Pecan Gelato: Grampy loved his bourbon and his butter pecan ice cream" ...

Here was the 2018 description for Deep Maine Woods Gelato: "Travel deep into Maine to find mystery and wonder. Or just open this pint: chocolate, smoky caramel, and honeycomb candy."

Alright, Dubba: if you sampled the 2018 version, do you have a preference for either of the Deep Maine Woods' Gelatos? They both sound pretty darn good, but like Anon, I wonder why they doubled-up on the naming if these two "Deep Maine Woodsies" seem to be quite different. Maybe you can ask your guru flavor creator at the company.
They could have called it "Block O'Wood I and II" and I'd still eat em' all.

Kotoko said...

Wow..read the **** review..he even mentions the 2018 flavor

Dubba Scoops said...

@Sascha: unfortunately grocery store deals come and go, for me, it means that Stop & Shop (Giant) has stopped carrying them. With any luck, it will just pop up somewhere else.

@Amanda: You must be new, otherwise you would know that I've covered gelato fiasco for quite some time now. Click on the "gelato_fiasco" tag in the review for more info.
Deep Maine Woods is the one 2018 flavor I did not try.

Bulldoger said...

Ok, bought this one and i didnt get to try it yet. However somebody in my house was very disappointed when they grabbed this and were expecting mint because on the green label and its not even close to mint! After some discussion about the benefits of being ~ahem~ alert and of sound mind when looking for munchies, I have to agree....the label color is deceptive!

Sascha said...

That's twice now in the last four posts that someone just assumed green packaging was mint. Do people not read descriptions anymore?

Dubba Scoops said...


Amanda said...

Nope, not new to your site, Dubba. Just thought I would provide some descriptions of the mouth-watering gelato flavors, especially in regards to the Deep Maine pint since it has two very different flavor profiles in back-to-back years of their releases. Of course, being an ice cream connoisseur such as yourself, I would naturally assume you have already provided your opinion on many a Gelato Fiasco flavor. Maybe I just wanted to see what Anonymous 1 was referencing. If he/she had not brought up the prior Deep Maine flavor, I would have never known there was an alternate. Maybe I am missing the nuances of this discussion. Some people seemed to think Anon opened with a dig, and I thought it was worthy of looking into. Mum is the word from now on.

Dubba Scoops said...

@Amanda: (Was wondering if you were the usual Amanda or a different one) The problem seems to stem from the opening paragraph being overlooked. I'll throw a link in it and maybe it will get people's attention more.

Bulldoger said...

I wont comment on this site anymore. Seem like Sascha slammed me right to my face when I was just making the comment that somebody who was wasted/stoned thought green = mint. And after I just said this was a friendly place....smh.

Dubba Scoops said...

@Bulldoger: I don't think you should go, we appreciate your input, but come on, it was a little funny (I don't think he meant it as a personal attack, though I could be wrong)

[Like April, I feel like this post is causing nothing but trouble]

Sascha said...

I suppose an apology is due, since in your case it was at least somebody picking ott of your freezer, not buying it from the store without reading the description. I just found it funny that somebody had the same complaint about the magnum non dairy bars posted a couple days prior.

Amanda said...

No hurt feelings, Dubba. You're still my ice cream idol.
My oh my...The passions that your posts and ever-so-sweet frozen desserts stir up in people. Seriously--what the heck does that say about me that I have to go look up ice cream descriptions as a source of entertainment? :) Best to ya, Dubs. Keep living the dream.

Dubba Scoops said...

I like when ice cream brings us all together, it definitely shouldn't tear all of us apart.

Have a good weekend everybody! :)

halcyon said...

Looks like you got a much better pint than I did. Mine had NO whipped cream, and only ONE cherry. Tasty flavor, but their quality control continues to need work.