Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Breyers Chocolate Pretzel Swirl

[New for 2021] On January 5th, Unilever announced new products across all their product lines including 3 new flavors in the regular Breyers line up. We'll be getting Coconut Fudge, Double Chocolate Brownie Batter and...

Breyers Chocolate Pretzel Swirl Frozen Dairy Dessert
chocolate with a crushed, salted pretzel swirl and chocolatey chips

Pretty tame start.

That looks better right? It's actually quite solid and the chips make it that much harder to scoop. That's not necessarily a complaint, so much as a warm up to saying that this has a pretty decent texture for a frozen dairy dessert. That's right, texture is not the issue here.

It's the flavor that's the problem. The pretzel and chocolate just don't gel the way you would hope they would. I think the problem is that there's not enough of a sweet milk chocolate flavor to balance out the pretzel flavor.

It does have a flavor, it's just not that enjoyable of a flavor. It's not that it's bad-bad, it's just that it doesn't work for me. The pretzel factor just comes across as somehow mute and yet omnipresent at the same time. Granted, pretzels swirls are a hard thing to pull off, and I think that this one isn't that far from a fun flavor. Honestly, a big squirt of nesquik might be enough to round things out here.

Oh, chips are plentiful but they are about texture not flavor. Again, it just pushes the product ahead without pushing the flavor ahead. Hmmm, sounds like I'm on the borderline of being accepting here? Am I getting soft in my old age or is Breyer's trying to get a little spark back? Only time will tell.

On Second Scoop: I've been messing around with this one in hopes of making it a little more interesting.... WAIT! I almost forgot my realization. You know what this chocolate base reminds me of? Ben & Jerry's Froyo! Hear me out here: 1) it explains the texture. 2) it explains how this one looks. It's got that oddly familiar watery look that their froyo has. Does this make sense? Well, Unilever does own both companies, and there's no reason for the tech not to crossover. I am not a fan of frozen dairy dessert, so using froyo tech may not be the worst idea. Anyway, this one will probably be hanging around a bit as I mix it with different things. If I find a winner, I'll check back in.

Verdict?  needs work
Buy Again?  nah

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Mark said...

Thanks for reviewing this! Of all the flavors that came out this year, this one caught my curiosity.