Saturday, April 24, 2021

Cookies & Cream Chipwich

[New for 2021] When I saw these on store shelves several weeks ago, I was kind of hoping Chipwich might offer to send a box over. Well, they did and I am very excited to try....

Chipwich Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Sandwich
brownie cookies, cookies & cream ice cream, chocolate chips

It's a good looking sandwich right? I don't really think of chocolate chips in my cookies & cream creations, but it's not a chipwich if there aren't chips!*

I take a big bite and the brownie flavoring from the cookies hits me before anything else. I then proceed to inhale the rest of the sandwich. What? I'm me. I have two speeds of eating and usually I'm stuck in turbo mode.

In other words, I like this sandwich! I wasn't sure what they were going to ship, so I was happy to see a box of these, a box of original, and a box of birthday cake. Yeah, it didn't take long to break in to each box. Original Chipwich is classic and always enjoyable. Last year's birthday cake is just fun with it's sugar cookies and sprinkles. Then we have this year's entry. If I had to rank them, that would be the ranking: classic, birthday, C&C. They are all good, but those other two are still very hard to beat.

On Second Scoop: So I had my second one and I liked it even more then I did on my first try ofcourse (with the hesitation of trying something new gone, it's all about just enjoying it now). I will admit that if I had my way, I do wish that the cookies had more of an Oreo wafer kick to them. I can't help it. I adore cookies & cream and I would love for this tasty sandwich to have even more of a C&C vibe. That said, I can't imagine someone trying this and going "nah, I don't want to finish it". I look forward to picking up another box of these.

*yes, I know the birthday one has sprinkles

Verdict?  good!
Buy Again?  yup!

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Anne Sutton said...

I recall buying the Original chipwich every summer from a pier in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. I would walk to the pier just to sit and eat one. Then they disappeared. I have missed them! I picked up these just this past weekend at a Wal-mart in Yorktown, VA. I thought they were really good, and my kids liked them too. I still feel like nothing beats the original. As an aside, we tried the girl scout thin mint cookie blizzard at DQ this weekend too. That was stellar!

Ficus Joan said...

Seems like chocolate overload, but if it wasn't too much for you, then I'll give it a shot.

MVC said...

Just tried this today (Brooklyn, NY at Stop and Shop). They put actual brownie cookies that are high quality. This is not a generic sandwich. The ice cream itself is like a neutral cookies 'n' cream level of flavor, with some taste of chocolate from the tiny side chips but the cookies themselves are the highlight here. They are especially great dipped in ice cold or warm milk, after you take bites outta the ice cream in the center. Really yummy!