Sunday, May 2, 2021

Classic M&M's Cookie Sandwiches

[New for 2021] Hey everybody, sorry for only posting about once a week. It just seems like life is super busy and the freezer aisle is not. I do still care about what's going on in the world of ice cream, so let's take a crack at...

M&M's Classic Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches
vanilla flavored reduced fat ice cream with artificial flavor added,
sandwiched between chocolate cookies with M&M's mini milk chocolate candies

Always label your wrappers!

I can't help but think that they could have tried a little harder here. Sad slab of white stuff in the middle, misplaced cookies, smashed M&Ms.... ha, who are we kidding, I'm still going to take a big bite of it, and to be honest, the crumbs on the edge kind of look cool.

The strong chocolate flavoring from the cookies hit me before anything else. It might be a smidge on the too potent side, but nothing that will stop you from continuing. If you like their other sandwiches, you'll like this too. That said, I really do wish they used a better filling. Also, eating frozen M&M's, even mini ones, isn't always the funnest thing. I mean, it's kind of fun, but not super fun if you bite down on one the wrong way.

Overall, it's a fine product and I can't imagine any serious complaints on this one. If someone hands you one, you'll say "sure, I'll try that". Sure, it could be better, but at 4 for $4.29, it's a pretty good deal.

Elephant in the room: part of you is probably thinking "didn't these already exist?" and the answer is no. They had vanilla in regular cookies and chocolate in chocolate cookies, but never vanilla in chocolate cookies.... actually, they even had one that was half vanilla and half chocolate in brownie cookies! (click to see a picture)

One more note: There is also a new mint version out

On Second Scoop: It's enjoyable, plain and simple. Sure, the purple wrapper makes me wish that there was black raspberry ice cream inside, but it's not like these are bad.  You know, it's a shame that they can't tweak the mini M&M's they use here and make them a little softer while frozen. If you are interested, you should enjoy these.

Verdict?  as expected
Buy Again?  probably

Allergy note: may contain peanuts & tree nuts
click for nutrition facts and ingredients

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Unknown said...

I tried the mint one; not too shabby but I wished they used mint M&Ms than just regular M&Ms.

They could had done brownie sandwiches with brownie M&Ms to tie the whole thing together.