Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Ben & Jerry's Sugar Cookie Cookie Dough Chunks

[New for 2021] I'm still bummed that I never found the two holiday snackable doughs (gingerbread and cinnamon bun), but I was stoked to find the two new 2021 flavors. That's right, I found the very tasty looking tonight dough chunks and...

B&J Sugar Cookie Cookie Dough Chunks
snackable dough

If you look closely, you can see tiny color specks in the cookie dough.

Now I know it doesn't photograph super well because it looks pretty dry, but I was still pretty excited. I dug in and was fairly underwhelmed, but I should have expected that. I do love sugar cookies, but with my sugar tolerance being fairly high, and based on all the other flavors of theirs that I have tried, I should have expected these to be dialed in like they are.

Now, I am not saying that they are bad (boy I say that alot these days), what I am is saying is that I just wanted them a bit sweeter. Overall they are enjoyable. More importantly, they are way more enjoyable than the overly sweet Tollhouse funfetti edible dough.

So, I think I like them, but I definitely didn't get the urge to scarf the whole bag down.

On Second Scoop: As expected, these have grown on me. What I do is just not eat a ton of them when I'm hungry. I would say that the chocolate chocolate chip version continues to be the gold standard of wanting to inhale the whole bag. These are more of just a nice quick snack. Just a quick shot of respectable dough and then back on your way.

Verdict?  mild but enjoyable
Buy Again?  on occasion already did

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Anne Sutton said...

I had both the holiday dough bites, and my feelings were the same as you wrote with the sugar cookie - underwhelmed. It just seems like the ones that have inclusions such as chocolate chips fare better in the cookie dough chunk realm in my opinion. Even sprinkles in the nestle ones break up the monotony of the dough. Even though the dough is flavored, the ones with chunks are more interesting and better tasting to me.