Monday, April 12, 2021

Klondike Cones! Unicorn Dreamin' & Vanilla Chillin'

[New for 2021] Time to regret a purchase! Wait, am I not supposed to ruin the surprise?

Klondike Cones! Unicorn Dream' & Vanilla Chillin'

Won't be hard to tell which is which with these colorful wrappers

The Unicorn Dream' cone is strawberry and bubblegum frozen dairy dessert, strawberry sauce core, chocolatey coating. The Vanilla Chillin' cone is vanilla frozen dairy dessert, chocolate sauce core and chocolate coating.

So, which one would you try first? I went Unicorn first... basically it tastes like sherbet in a cone. On the one hand, that is different since I don't think I've ever had sherbet in a cone. On the other hand, ummm, there's a reason I've never had sherbet in a cone. Sherbet has a certain pop in both it's texture and flavor, and it's kind of oddly placed inside this chocolate lined cone.

Not sure how to deal with my feelings, I decided to chase the unicorn cone with the terrible vanilla cone. Remember how I was complaining about the weird vanilla texure and flavoring of the Klondike vanilla shakes? Well, this cone reminds me of that. The filling is so light and bland that I don't even know if I should bother eating it. It's bringing me no joy, so why am I shoving it in my face?

Save your money and skip these (unless you really want to try sherbet in a cone....)

On Second Scoop: (do I have to?) -- (5/8 still haven't touched them)

Verdict?  so sick of frozen dairy dessert
Buy Again?  not a chance

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Anne Sutton said...

Klondike lost me at bubble gum flavored ice cream. Did it really taste like bubble gum? OK so I was the weird kid who hated the bubble gum flavored fluoride at the dentist's office. This just sounds awful, but I suppose kids are the target audience.I could see putting it in a white chocolate cone, but a pure chocolate one does seem like a strange pairing.

Unknown said...

I wonder why Klondike didn't do a white chocolate coating for the unicorn flavor or even colored white chocolate. The unicorn got my attention but dang what a disappointment. Sorbet cones would be amazing. Non dairy cones that would been yummy.

Mark said...

Strawberry and bubble gum? No way.

Unknown said...

I need a box with just the bubble gum and strawberry in them...

SirXena said...

I want just the unicorn too myself. Plain Klondikes is just plain chocolate and vanilla. I can get that anywhere, and though the chocolate lined cone sounded just plain wrong, I really love the unicorn, especially when there's some syrup in the bite. I didn't really notice the chocolate at least(I only eat chocolate in the form of fudge, or combined with other strong flavors and NEVER fruit, chocolate cake and icecream and particularly cheesecake is just gross to me) and though the icecream isn't wicked strong flavors, it's good, but with the syrup just amazing. I always liked cotton candy and but bble gum ice creams and all the pink and red fruity things though and skipped chocolate. Just tried some Perry's Superhero icecream- quite tasty, but tastes more like sorbet etc being the flavors(cherry bubblegum swirled with lemon and blueraspberry- oddly I like the blue and yellow swirls best) but unless I can find that same syrup Klondike put in these cones, that superhero is just- close-up .

Ash said...

Just got a box. Brought em home and opened these bad boys. Unicorn one was gross so I opened a regular thinking I can't go wrong. It has two wrappers and the chocolate bottom is on the outside

Ash said...

You did yourself a favor. Think....sherbert and strawberry sauce