Saturday, April 10, 2021

Talenti Chocolate Pretzel Gelato Layers

[New for 2021] Everyone remembers that I love pretzels right? I spent the first couple decades of my life consuming vast quantities of them. I may be down to a handful every day or two, but I still think very highly of them. Let's see if Talenti can do them justice here.

Talenti Chocolate Pretzel Gelato Layers
salted pretzel gelato, chocolatey waffle cone pieces,
salted pretzel sauce, vanilla gelato, chocolate flakes

A seal? That's new.

Side note: have you noticed that Talenti containers are greenish now?

I admit it, I didn't read what the different layers were before opening the container, so I was very surprised to see this pretzel gelato.... well, I should say happily surprised!

I take a bite and think "wow, this might be really good!". I take another bite and realize that I am already smitten with this flavor. It's been awhile since someone did pretzels justice and the swirl here is kind of delicious, especially when paired with that bit of pretzel boost from the top layer of pretzel gelato. Boy this one is fun.

Now, granted, I'm not getting a super ton of cone bits or chocolate bits on my spoon, but the overall salty pretzel flavor coming out of here is just spot on. It's puts Breyer's recent pretzel flavor to shame. This isn't an air of pretzel or a even a soggy pretzel vibe, this is a true pretzel flavor and I am a huge fan.

I know sometimes the gelato texture can be a bit light in these layered pints, but between the seal on top and the textured swirl, it is not an issue here.

Really well done job Talenti. I hope this one catches on with more than just us pretzel fans.

On Second Scoop: I really dig this one and I've bought another pint before I even finished this pint. Yes, it's that delicious. The salty pretzel swirl has a bit of rich cookie dough vibe to it. They've really worked some magic here. Excellent job Talenti.

Verdict?  EXCELLENT!
Buy Again?  already did! (update: several times now)

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Mark said...

Salt, check; pretzel, check; chocolate, check. Where's the peanut butter?!

Dubba Scoops said...

Understandable... but I personally say nay! It's nice to have a peanut free pretzel flavor now and then :)

Did you get a chance to try their peanut butter pretzel flavor?

Unknown said...

Love the clear view of the layers and the container is perfect to reuse again for other food items.

Danielle said...

I haven't bought from them in ages, I'll have to give this one a try!

Amanda said...

Dubba, did you help contribute to the crash of Jeni's website for her new Dolly Parton ice cream? It has the pretzel vibe that you like. You definitely sold me on this sweet-salty Talenti one.

Unknown said...

Thanks to your review, I bought this flavor, and finished it in one sitting. I went back and bought 4 more!!!

Dubba Scoops said...

@U#1: I've saved one of every Talenti container since I started it many years ago.

@D: Do it!

@A: HAHAHA, wasn't me! (sounds very interesting though!)

@U#2: WOOT!

May said...

See, I KNEW you'd love this-- and glad you did! They should sell that pretzel sauce in a jar. By the way, have you noticed that some of the new pints have paper seals, but others don't? It's throwing me for a bit of a loop.

Dubba Scoops said...

This was my first time seeing the paper seal. I'd hazard a guess that we'll eventually see it across all of their pints (or at least all of the layered flavors)

Anonymous said...

Hey - I think that green / brown tint of the plastic bottle is because it might be recycled material. Really cool if they truly moved to 100% PCR.

ibagoalie said...

Should have gone all pretzel gelato instead of the middle layer being vanilla. It was great until I got there and then boring.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I'd given up on Talenti for awhile what with declining quality, but will go ahead and give this one a try. (Wouldn't hurt to restock the container stash either. Squirrels have chewed a couple.)

Thanks for reporting!