Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Serendipity Unicorn Bliss Sundae Ice Cream

[New for Early 2020, can find online in early 2024] So this first came out right before everything got crazy so I had honestly kind of forgotten about it... until now. The freezer aisle continues to be fairly barren in my area, but I got lucky at Stop & Shop and picked up...

Serendipity Unicorn Bliss Sundae Ice Cream
vanilla flavored ice cream with pink and blue cookie dough pieces and a glittery swirl

HAHAHA! I was not expecting that!

The swirls do almost look glittery don't they? Granted condensation, but still.

I sometimes space on reading/remembering the description when I dig in to a flavor, so after the first tasty bite, I was thinking it was some kind of homage to sugar cookies. It says vanilla, but it's much sweeter and more fun that that.

Has that added sweetness maybe come off of the swirl? That's a distinct possibility, but the funny part is, the swirl is quite solid. Look and see if you can notice that it's more like some kind of frozen white confectionery magic that any kind of liquid (pliable) swirl.

The ice cream was melting in the summer heat while the swirl stayed very solid. I broke it up a little, but in general I was eating it a chunk at a time... did I mind? No, not really. I have a pretty high sweetness tolerance so I got a kick out of the sugar blast. It's strong, but didn't hit sickeningly sweet for me.

And the cookie dough? Yeah, it's fine. You can't really taste it over the swirl. Also, it's really red and turquoise and not pink & blue, but whatever, I don't actually care. This is #funfactor time and I'm enjoying my spoonfuls for sure.

So yeah, good first impression. I will always have a soft spot for dumb flavors like this. Remember, I don't mean literally dumb. I mean it in the sense that it's going for fun before foo-foo. It wants to put a smile on your face and it did.

On Second Scoop: I definitely need to add some clarity to this review after having my second scooping. This ice cream is not meant for the general populace. It's very sweet and will be off-putting to a lot of people. It might be one of those flavors that you need to have at a certain time of day. Every subsequent scooping has gotten smaller. It's still fun and different, but you don't need much to satisfy your sweet tooth and move on (to something salty). While fun and fairly unique, this is going to be one and done for me.

Verdict?  fluffy! (sorry, couldnt resist)
Buy Again?  nah


  1. The blue looks very unappetizing. It's also pretty caloric as well.

  2. "Glitter Texture Swirl" + "Edible Glitter" + "Red Cabbage Extract" + "Radish Extract" + "Pink & Blue Cookie Dough" = Magic. If that is not a spell or concoction straight out of a Walt Disney fairy tale for some witch's brew, then I don't know. I'd still eat a chunk of blue glitter swirl. My sweet taste buds know no bounds. I just wish you would have shown some fantastic artificially colored cookie dough globs.

  3. @Anon: just shy of a thousand calories is on par for premium ice cream (B&J's, H-D, etc). i dont think I'm a fan of bright blue ice cream either, but this subtle blue was kind of unique and amusing.

    @Amanda: the other globs are straight red and did not want to make a photogenic appearance (they show up once you start digging in, but I prefer not to show a messy pint).

  4. This sounded quite “vanilla” with a bit of added fun. I agree that the look is not appealing. It just looks like it would taste super sweet and perhaps a bit boring. Colored sprinkles or a contrasting flavor seems like it could have made this more appealing.

  5. This ice cream is amazing!! I cannot stop eating it. It tastes explosively delicious and blooms in your mouth at every bite. Yes it's sweet - but deliciously so. It's not "dumb" or "boring." It is decadent and one of the best ice cream flavors ever made. I have eaten A LOT of ice cream and I know a premium flavor when I taste it. It is a gorgeous mouthful of spun sweetness.

  6. That swirl was like a rock. Very very sweet tho. Even my 3yo requested a green olive (salt) before he could finish it and he's got the ultimate sweet tooth

  7. This ice cream is my new absolute flavor. I go on about it and will only share a spoonful with guests. They are welcome to other flavors in the freezer. I buy two at a time. The grocer said they sell out in a day. I have the deliver schedule. Never understand grocers that order one case of the popular stuff as the freezer seems full of glaciated rocky roads and mint chip.


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