Sunday, July 26, 2020

Breyers S'mores Layered Dessert

[New for 2020] You know the freezer situation is dire when I'm forced to review another flavor from Breyer's. I reviewed their new Cinnabon flavor because there seemed to be a lot of curiosity about it, but I bought this because Stop & Shop was mostly devoid of anything else.

Breyers S'mores Layered Dessert
vanilla with other natural flavor and graham pieces
between two layers of chocolate with marshmallow flavored pieces

Ooops, that's my fault!

You are probably asking "why aren't there more marshmallow bits?" They do pick up as you go. Never super plentiful, but they are there. Note, they are more of a marshmallow flavored confectionery than a literal piece of marshmallow. I would say they make more of an impact than the graham pieces you see. Not once did I get a bite and think "oooo, graham flavor!".

Overall, it's not terrible terrible. It is what it is for a Breyers flavor = Frozen dairy dessert that's not super flavorful or memorable. You wait for a s'mores vibe to kick in but it never really does. It's edible enough. I will even go so far as to say I don't regret my purchase. I would still rather have this flavor combo from pretty much any another company, but I'll finish it and move on.

click to zoom on either Brownie Cheesecake or limited edition Peach Cobbler

Will I try the other versions? They do sound interesting, but I guess it depends how desperate I get as the summer rolls on. Now that I think about it, I should probably build out a 2020 product guide to figure out where I stand with reviewing everything.

Technically I tried the Ice Cream Cake version four years ago back when it was celebrating Breyers 150th Birthday. It wasn't good then, so I can't imagine it's good now. (review here)

On Second Scoop: It doesn't improve on subsequent servings. It also doesn't make for a particularly good milkshake either. It's not terrible, and the marshmallow flavored pieces continue to be my favorite part, but I don't expect to ever buy it again. I've had worse from Breyers, but if you are going in as a s'mores completionist, you will most likely be disappointed by the epic lack of a quality graham component (amongst other complaints).

Verdict?  as meh as expected
Buy Again?  nah

Nutrition: 170 cal per 2/3 cup serving


  1. I tried this one (and I think all of them, actually) a few months back and pretty much had the same feeling. The flavors were fine for what they were, but if I see them on the shelf I'm not saying "Geez, I need to pick that up again".

  2. I am so disappointed with the decreased quality in ice cream over time (as you have been noting for years on this blog). One of the few ice creams that I actually still really enjoy is Breyer's chocolate, natural vanilla, and mint choc chip (three of their few remaining actual ice creams!). They used to be easy to find and on sale quite frequently (every 2-3 weeks they were 2 for 5 or 2 for 6). However, over the past few months, I have not been able to find them at many stores (especially stop and shop--and you noted here that the Breyers selection was small there) and they have not been on sale at all. I emailed the company to ask if there was a production or distribution problem due to the pandemic and they said no, but it seems odd that it is so hard to find it now and that it is never on sale...does anyone have any idea if the company might be fading???

  3. People have definitely been snagging more ice cream, it's very very possible they just cant keep your regular stuff in stock. Try another store if you can. Good luck.

  4. Deb, I don't know if you have Kemp's in your area, but it isn't bad for a not-too-expensive treat. Here is the link if you are interested:
    And Dubba, you probably already heard about this, but I found it slightly amusing how Unilever was reporting quite an increase in ice cream sales whereas their deodorant sales have been going down because more people are staying at home. Keeping our priorities in line I guess.
    One other thing, I think you have an affinity for the cookie dough flavor as much as I do. One of the USA Today distributors did a fairly thorough breakdown of CD-Flavored ice cream brands. Pretty interesting (if you have access to these brands):

    1. Thanks Amanda! It's funny--Kemps was actually the first frozen yogurt I ever really ate so many years ago. It was not very good (I remember it was super sweet and pretty "thin") but it was when frozen yogurt was deemed "healthy." I don't see it around here (Boston area) much but some stores do carry it so maybe it is worth a try. I did look on the website recently since I saw that a local store had it on sale and there were some flavors that sounded really good...I think one with a lot of chocolate! I don't know if the stores around here have the flavor but if so, good suggestion!

  5. Yup! I definitely heard that ice cream sales are up!

    that review doesnt even mention the super sweet swirl in the blue bunny version, I am disappointed... also knocking haagen-dazs, tsk-tsk :)

  6. I am surprised that you reviewed another product from Breyers in spite of your disgust for them.

  7. Replies
    1. Dubba, that might be the funniest thing I've heard you type or even actually say from The Nosh Show :)


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