Monday, April 11, 2016

Breyers Ice Cream Cake Ice Cream

[New for 2016] Since I've made the conscious decision to not personally review any of the three new breyers gelatos that are coming out this year (though Nick is welcome too), that doesn't mean I won't keep an eye out for a few of their other offerings. The funny thing is, some of them are actually ice creams and not more frozen dairy dessert junk.

Breyers Ice Cream Cake Ice Cream
chocolate ice cream with chocolate crunchies
between "layers" of vanilla ice cream

I know it shows it on the container, but man, it's even less impressive in person.

Wow breyers, way to suck at whatever it is this white stuff is. Let's see if the other white side is the same. Yup. Wow. Why even both Breyers? It's like wet cardboard with a hint of vanilla. What is wrong with you Breyers?

If you're going to rip off someone's idea (namely Friendly's ice cream cake ice cream), then you should have the (guts) to do it better than the original. Oh boy, you put some crunchies in a third of your terrible ice cream and that's supposed to excite me? The aftertaste is like the frozen dairy dessert version of an ice cream cake. You are such an embarrassment Breyers. William Breyer is rolling over in his grave right now.

On Second Scoop: If this ice cream was just chocolate with crunchies, I'd say sure, give it a try, but the fact that 70% of it is this odd thing they call vanilla ice cream, then uggg, go away Breyers. I can't believe this mess is what you are using to celebrate your 150th birthday. It just breaks down so weird on the tastebuds. Basically you need to inhale it before you start thinking about how annoying it is. That or maybe eat out the chocolate and then use the "vanilla" for a milkshake.

Disclaimer: Take this review as you will. I realize part of me is just immensely angry that they took the time to try and make "ice cream" but still messed it up. I want old Breyers back!

Verdict?  awful
Buy Again?  never

allergen note: may contain peanuts and tree nuts


Anonymous said...

I find the anger amusing. I can't consciously remember ever trying Breyers, didn't it used to be gritty or something? Where I live we always just got Hood ice cream which is more on the economy side of "take home" ice creams as well, and pretty underrated. (Their chocolate ice cream is IMO calorie for calorie the best tasting chocolate ice cream out there)

Anonymous said...

Do you know when exactly Bryers started being so horrible? I'm not very up on my ice cream history, but Breyers was fantastic when I was a kid in the early 90s.

Deb said...

I agree for the most part with breyers but I still love the mint chocolate chip, despite the less than ideal consistency. And the chocolate truffle is really great. Tons of truffles and the chocolate is excellent.

Erin said...

Wow. Breyers at least could have thrown in some sprinkles for color. Not much of a celebration!

Deb said...

BTW, I am glad you reviewed this. I was I won't waste money that could be spent on better ice creams!

Also, PSA: free cone day at Ben and Jerry's tomorrow.

Megan said...

My boyfriend who loves ice cream cake had to try this, and we weren't impressed.
I think we maybe ate 3 bites each before throwing it back in the freezer and ignoring it.
It ended up being used for milkshakes.

Breyers needs to get their act together. Like, great ideas for flavors, but bad follow through.

Dubba Scoops said...

@aol: way back in the day, there was the argument of breyers natural "grit" versus the creamier nature of Edy's

@anon: sometime after y2k?

@erin: so boring

@deb: waiting 30-60 minutes negates the "free" part for me

@megan: milkshakes!

Unknown said...


To be fair, Breyers is 150 years old. Like a grumpy old man birthday where the party is really for everyone else and he just wants to be left alone and watch Wheel of Fortune.

Anonymous said...

The only Bryer's I still eat from time to time is the natural vanilla. Can you tell which vanilla they used for this? I know they have several varieties.

Unknown said...

I have always disliked Breyers because it seemed more like ice milk(do they still sell that stuff?) than ice cream. If it has managed to get even worse are they just relying on blind brand loyalty? Why else would you spend your money on an inferior product with so many better options available?

Dubba Scoops said...

@Anon: while there are the occasional vanilla bean specks in the ice cream, vanilla nor vanilla bean is listed in the ingredients (see ingredient list at the end of the review)

@Aaron: that was the classic argument of Edys over Breyers, but I always liked that super clean breakdown of classic breyers (I go to all natural turkey hill for that now). there is a simplicity and a lightness to a mainstream all natural ice cream that you don't necessarily get from a super premium ice cream. I don't always want something heavy and dense.

TheIcon said...

I thought this was a Carvel Ice cream cake rip-off. Must admit from the pics that looks pathetic.

Dubba Scoops said...

@TheIcon: it is, they just did a terrible job of it.

Anonymous said...

Aboslute BS. This tastes amazing. Not sure you even really had it.

Dubba Scoops said...

Absolute BS. Maybe I don't believe you really had it!

See, that's not a very nice thing to say now is it?

Even if you only compare this to the Friendlys version, they take the same concept, but have better execution.

Anonymous said...

You guys are ALL either lying about trying this or are smoking CRACK.

Did anyone here who read the review actually have it for themselves? Maybe the reviewer needs a lesson in how to eat a combined ICE CREAM CAKE: You're not supposed to try out JUST the vanilla or JUST the chocolate or JUST the crunchies. You're supposed to PUT ALL THREE IN YOUR MOUTH - LIKE YOU WOULD WITH A CAKE!

It tastes EXACTLY like the CLASSIC Carvel ice cream cakes from the 80's / 90's. If you didn't grow up in that era, you wouldn't understand.

I did. This tastes PERFECT.

Bland? HELL NO. It's PERFECT. It's not supposed to be complicated or overpowering. It's supposed to be ICE CREAM CAKE.

That doesn't mean CHOCOLATE CAKE with ice cream. That doesn't mean LAYER CAKE with ice cream. It means the classic ICE CREAM CAKES you used to buy (or maybe most of you didn't) and have at birthday parties as a kid!

Someone mentioned the chocolate truffle as one of the better Breyer's flavors.

Thanks for making me waste my money. I'm eating it now and the only thing that's good is the actual truffle itself, which are large and have great flavor. But the chocolate part? Jesus the AFTERTASTE is like CARDBOARD at the tip of my tongue!

The Chocolate Truffle is DISGUSTING!

Ice Cream cake is PERFECT. Honestly, those of you who haven't tried it, ignore the initial review and do yourself a favor: HAVE ALL THREE FLAVORS COMBINED IN YOUR BOWL AND INSERT INTO YOUR MOUTH. Don't buy it, look inside and expect an artful masterpeice.

It LOOKS and TASTES EXACTLY like CARVEL ICE CREAM CAKE from the 80's / 90's.

And avoid Chocolate Truffle at all costs. HORRIBLE after taste.

Dubba Scoops said...

STOP YELLING. It doesn't get your point across, it just makes you look like a jerk.

Now, if you think you are so knowledgeable, I challenge you to go buy an ice cream cake and put it next to the sadness that is this flavor. Then go try the Friendly's version of this ice cream and see how it actually tastes like the ice cream cake you just bought.

I'm glad you enjoyed this. My non-enjoyment doesn't change that you did enjoy it. Why is that so hard for people to realize? My point in the review is that breyers totally cheaps out on the flavoring to protect their bottom line, something they have been doing for years now at the cost of many loyal customers.

Shae said...

WOW! An all out Ice cream fight!!! I am just going to have to buy it and make up my own mind. I LOVE Carvel Cakes...from the 80's...not
Todays Carvel Cake which is terrible. If this tastes anything like Carvel I would be very happy...I will let you all know how I think it was. I will try to buy it this week.

Dubba Scoops said...

We shall await your return!

Shae said...

I just tried the Breyers Ice cream cake Ice cream and on first scoop....My carton was 80% vanilla with a tiny strip of chocolate down the center. I will say that it tastes NOTHING like Carvel. I thought the Vanilla was tasteless. The only thing that saves it at all is the Chocolate with the crunchie part. It definately was better mixing it all together in a bowl rather than eating it straight out of the carton. I will try it again and see if it is better or worse on second scoop...but for now I will finish it but would not buy it again or recommend it.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I both LOVE it!!! Can't keep it in the house.

TheIcon said...

Tried this finally. Garbage. I read other reviews and had the same issue. NO CRUNCHIES in the chocolate part. It was just vanilla/Chocolate ice cream. Piss poor attempt. Ive seen reviews going back months and months discussing NO CRUNCHIES. So obviously they have an issue.

Unknown said...

NO CRUNCHES. Who wants just chocolate and vanilla we want the crunchies! The front of the box is misleading.