Sunday, June 23, 2019

McDonald's Stroopwafle McFlurry

[New for 2019] There's finally a new McFlurry for the first time in a long time... maybe I missed reviewing one, but it's been six long years since my last mcflurry review.

McDonald's Stroopwafle McFlurry
vanilla soft serve with caramel and
Daelman’s Stroopwafel crispy caramel waffle cookie pieces

The big question is what are waffle pieces like.... well, they are tasty but also kind of chewy. Not super chewy, but it was definitely unexpected. Every now and then, I thought I got a hint of praline peanut flavor from them (that's not a complaint).

I definitely enjoyed the overall flavor but keep in my I've always liked McDonald's caramel sundaes. This expected this to be a fairly easy win and it was. Granted, I would have loved more bits but the flavor still held up well enough through the entire treat.

Would I recommend it? Yeah, I say go for it as long as the sound of somewhat chewy bits doesn't concern you too much. Two bucks would have been a easier sell than it's current three dollar price point, but life is short, scoop hard. (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist)

Verdict?  good enough
Buy Again?  maybe/probably


Jimmy James said...

Too bad the machine is "down" again ;)

Danielle said...

I wad intrigued by this does it compare to HDs Caramel Cone?

Dubba Scoops said...

@JJ: couldn't resist, could ya!

@D: softer and chewier :)

EndlessUniverse said...

I tried this out today and omg what a revelation. This needs to be a permanent item. The caramel swirl perfectly compliments the vanilla ice cream, and the stoopwafel pieces vary from chewy like caramel or harder like a cookie. Either way it's delicious. Great flavor.