Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Klein's K Select Vanilla Vibe Ice Cream

Would you buy a pint of ice cream for a dollar? Would you hesitate? What if I told you that the pint was regularly marked at $5.49? I don't know why, but Stop & Shop suddenly purged the lone shelf of these Kosher pints a month ago. Will I find value in my dollar purchase?

Klein's K Select Vanilla Vibe Ice Cream
vanilla premium ice cream

It has a seal like a quality pint!

The ingredients seem a little sketchy, and the description on the side of the pint make no sense, but you know what? This was a good deal for a dollar. It tastes like vanilla softserve. It's definitely not a dense premium ice cream, it's extremely easy to scoop, but it's not gummy thankfully. I'm not usually in to these light textured ice creams, but because of the o so familiar flavor, it's just a nice afternoon snack.

I bet if I melted this down, it would taste like a vanilla frosty. There's no way this was worth over five bucks, but I'm certainly glad I gave it a shot.

On Second Scoop: I enjoyed my other helpings and I would certainly try the other pints if I can spy them in the two to three dollar range.

Verdict?  lower cost makes it a much better value
Buy Again?  if it's on sale!


Deb said...

Even though not premium, it was probably so expensive because it was A. Kosher for Passover and B. Meets the strictest kashrut certification for dairy items (although many ice creams are kosher, this one meets the extra strict requirement of the milk being under supervision). Given that, the $5.49 is actually not so much. (I don't observe this struct requirement but others who do have a lot of trouble finding dairy products outside of extremely "Jewish areas".) It was probably only $1 because Passover ended in April and they wanted to get rid of the remaining products!

Deb said...

Also, 167 calories??? Kind of specific, isn't it? :-)

Dubba Scoops said...

@Deb: I think I wondered if the price was Kosher related, so thank you for clarify :)

Still shocked it went all the way down to a dollar, but hey, not complaining!