Sunday, May 19, 2019

TMNT Shell Shock Surprise Ice Cream

[New for 2019] I only went in to Walmart for the two new exclusive Ben & Jerry's flavors, but instead my eye was caught by a bright green container of...

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Shell Shock Surprise Ice Cream
vanilla reduced fat ice cream with chocolatey caramel turtles

Another unbranded ice cream in the mix? It's not Edy's/Dreyer's because the container is wrong. I check the side and it's Wells Dairy! That's right, the folks behind Blue Bunny have jumped in to this new unbranded fad. That surprised me because I knew they do it with their pints (7-Eleven) and their novelties (weight watchers), but now big containers? And they are paper, not plastic.

The fun thing is that it made me realize that they are behind Walmart ice cream too! I'm pretty sure this Great Value Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream rolled out of the same production facility just three days after the turtle ice cream.

Anyway, back to the green stuff, which is only green in color. It looks... pretty boring.

There are a few turtles. 

At least they are cute because...

I HATE THIS ICE CREAM. Sorry, I don't feel like beating around the bush or taking my time with this. I hated this stuff from the first bite. It reminds me of that awful Friendly's Crayola flavor. Yes, it's that bad. This is absolute utter junk.

The texture is all wrong, the flavoring is all wrong, and the fact that this cost me money makes me mad. I figured it would be bad, but not horrible.

Run, don't walk, away from this flavor.

Verdict?  trash
Buy Again?  NEVER


Alek said...

Why they went with a vanilla flavor? BORING! Flavor it something else. How about mint or something. I want something fruity. How about sour apple flavor with candy shells. Looks very lazy to me.

EndlessUniverse said...


Danielle said...

The green color on the container and the color of the ice cream itself reminded me of mint. To me it's so weird to be vanilla!

Unknown said...

Bought this for TMNT birthday. The ice cream ok, but boring. Had to search to find any chocolate turtles, and there were maybe five total!
Very disappointing.

Annie D said...

Mine would have been better if it had had any chocolate at all in it. Even a speck. Mine was bright green goop through and through.