Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Friendly's Blackberry Peach Pie Dessert Cup

[New for early 2019] Since these new cups are on sale at 2 for $4 this week, it's probably high time I tried one of them right? There are 7 in all but I went back and forth before deciding on....

Friendly's Blackberry Peach Pie Dessert Cup
layers of pie crust pieces, peach pie filling and vanilla ice cream,
topped with blackberry sauce, whipped topping and streusel crumble

Now, remember that these need to temper a bit because you've got a very tasty but frozen blackberry sauce on top and then a layer of frozen peach stuff on the bottom. But when it does melt... Yeah, it's pretty good because it has a ton of flavor.

The blackberry sauce is the most potent of the flavors but I found it quite enjoyable. It was strong but not strong, and it didn't taste fake. It just tastes like a nice dessert sauce. When you manage to scoop it with all the other ingredients, it makes for a fun and unique flavor combo that we rarely see in the freezer aisle.

This may sound like a slight, but I wound up only eating half of it. I was enjoying it and taking my time so much that I decided "hey, why not enjoy this tomorrow too?"

On Second Scoop: Tomorrow, two weeks later, same thing. Anyway, I finished this today and I still think pretty highly of it. Fun top, fun bottom, it's all good. Give these a shot if you are interested.

Verdict?  tasty!
Buy Again?  yup


Sheila said...

I found this to be very bland. Bummed because I was excited about the flavor & actively searched for it.

Dubba Scoops said...

Sorry, I've made a point not to question people's opinions these days, but "very bland"? I can't imagine that unless you got a bad one maybe? (or you ate all the sauce first?) Inquiring minds want to know!