Friday, December 21, 2018

Oreo Vanilla Crunch State Fair Cookie

[New for 2018] Hey everyone, I know things are really really slow right now, but just so you know I'm still alive, here is a review of those new frozen Oreo treats that popped up this year. (You may remember that I thought Oreo Churros were kind of horrible).

Oreo Vanilla Crunch State Fair Cookie
crunchy vanilla coating on chocolate flavored sandwich cookies

It was a dark and dreary rainy day today so unfortunately these treats didn't photograph well... yes, I said "treats" and I'm ok with that. These are surprisingly decent. I won't say they are amazing or anything, but they are sweet and fun and I wasn't really sure how many I should eat. They just click so much better than the churros.

The Oreo and coating go well together, especially when warm. There is a decent amount of texture and there are no crazy aftertastes going on. I may have tried eating one hot but it was, you know, hot. I technically have four left in the fridge so I'll try one cold tomorrow just for fun.

Microwaving them is an absolute waste. Don't even bother. Just throw them in the oven and make your house smell like Oreos.

So yeah, I enjoyed these. Plenty of coating to sweetness ratio to keep in interesting. My daughter said it reminded her of something. Unfortunately neither of us could put our finger on what it reminded us of. I wanted to keep eating them til I figured it out. I realized that was probably an unhealthy idea.

See, the biggest problem with these isn't the flavoring but just the calorie count. If one "fried" Oreo has the calories of two regular Oreos, who can't help but wonder how bad these things are for you. That said, I would still recommend trying them at least once.

If you don't want to try the vanilla version, grab the chocolate version.

Verdict?  kind of fun
Buy Again?  maybe!

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if LongJohnSilvers will carry these. I remember DeepFriedTwinkies going on a closeout sale like 0.75 per box at walmart, so i picked up chocolate and vanilla (i think they later made banana too despite apparently bad sales). They were... well ruined my life for a bit... but ignore my accident. You had to follow the directions and the flavor was ok, not worth getting again (might be the accident talking). Chocolate one was bad i think.

But, LJS started selling them for 0.50 per one riht after i tried them. The fresh deep fry really made them delicious. Crispy shell, warm filling. I often dont go back for repeat buys, but i did on the twinkies once, and still consider it now.