Sunday, December 16, 2018

Perry's Elf Trash Ice Cream

[New for late 2018] Do you have a favorite Holiday flavor? Peppermint Stick is everywhere, and several companies offer Eggnog as well, but how about something more silly? Well, I went to Wegman's at lunch and ran in to....

Perry's Elf Trash Ice Cream
white chocolate ice cream with red and green fudge candies,
fudge covered pretzels, fudge covered peanuts, and praline peanuts

That's a pretty tame start, but don't worry, the fun kicks in pretty quick.

My only "problem" with a flavor like this is the overwhelming urge to shove pretzels or chips in my face when I'm done inhaling half the pint. Seriously, what's there to complain about here? It's just a fun limited flavor. I basically got one mix-in per scoop. The flavor is fun. The pretzels stayed fresh. And all at $3.49 a pint.

Ok, ok, let's dive a little further in. I'm not sure I ever got hit with any serious white chocolate vibes. From the start, the praline peanuts invaded the base flavor. It's not super strong, but it was undeniable, and I never got away from it. The fudge covered peanuts and pretzels do add to the saltiness of the treat (aka my chip comment above), but I never felt like the pint was leaning towards a fudgy flavor. It stayed on that slightly salty / slightly peanutty trail the whole time.

I couldn't tell if the base texture was a little more solid than what I've come to expect from Perry's. It could have just been all the bits throwing me off.

Overall it was a nice (quick) snack. I'll try to go a little slower on the bottom half of the pint. What else? I liked it, that's for sure. It's different but not too different. I think I did expect a bit more of a white confectionery vibe and sweetness, but it was still totally enjoyable.

Foot note: yes, I actually bought this pint myself even though most of my prior Perry's posts have been free shipments directly from the company.

On Second Scoop: The second half of the pint was inhaled pretty quickly. I did hit a bit of a dry spell with mix-ins but then they kicked back in. It never lost the sweet nutty vibe. This is still a fun flavor but doubling the mix-ins would make it great instead of just good. That's all I got. I say pick it up if you see it.

Verdict?  fun
Buy Again?  sure


Unknown said...

Okay - I need to get some of this...if I'm successful, I'll be back!

Alek said...

Why not Santa's Trash flavor? LOL! Would be fun flavor for sure. Like dark chocolate brittle bits with black raspberry (if they take a huge risk of using activated charcoal for that deep color). Broken up white chocolate colored red/green.

Rabbit Girl said...

i really think the south park guys could sue over those cartoon elf designs

May said...

Your photo of the actual product, with such sparse mix-ins (maybe it needed some kind of swirl?), was actually enough to dissuade me from getting it--particularly when Wegmans' in-house richer, denser premium pints cost less. And today they had Chocolate Caramel: choc. base with marshmallow and caramel swirls, and mini caramel chocolate cups. Hello.

Heartlover1717 said...


I finally made it out the Wegmans near me, and they still had a few pints! Like you, I could have used MORE of the mix-in (the praline peanuts were especially yummy)and I needed to keep reminding myself the ice cream was supposed to be..."white chocolate". I think they could have gone ahead and just made the base a shade of vanilla, or malt flavor.

Anyway, the pints were a cheap $1.79 so I picked up two for something different and fun to try (I am also a fan of the pretzels).